Sunday, December 21, 2008

World Future News - Gaunt, tired and run-down: Katie Holmes juggles the demands of motherhood and Broadway By Daily Mail Reporter

In her youth she was famed for her fresh-faced look in the teen show Dawson's Creek.

However actress Katie Holmes could not have looked more different from her previous on-screen character when she was pictured in New York.

It would appear the wife of Tom Cruise is showing the physical signs of trying to juggle a rigorous Broadway schedule while looking after her two-year-old daughter Suri.

Despite wearing a cheerful red winter coat, the star continued to look run-down, gaunt and tired, sparking concerns about her health.

katie holmes

In need of an early night: Katie Holmes looks exhausted

Her skin looked clammy and pasty, the scabby remains of a cold sore was still evident on her lip and painful-looking blisters were spotted on her foot as she made her way to the Broadway theatre she is currently working at.


Earlier this week the star looked pale and gaunt, with dark circles and hollow cheeks, as she celebrated her 30th birthday.

The actress has spent the last few months living and working in Manhattan while she stars in the production of Arthur Miller play All My Sons, at the Schoenfeld Theatre.

katie holmes
katie foot

As the star left for the Schoenfeld Theatre bloody blisters were seen on her foot

katie close-up

Katie's skin looks clammy and she has a scab on her lip

It would appear the gruelling stage run, which Katie has been performing twice daily, is takings its toll on the star.

With still another two weeks to go, Katie has also been caring for Suri while husband Tom Cruise completes a promotional tour for his new film Valkyrie.

In stark contrast to his wife, Tom looked the picture of health this week following his recent weight loss.

Shedding excess pounds has taken years off the Hollywood actor. Tom Cruise is expected to join his wife and daughter in New York for Christmas.

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