Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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December 24, 2008 | Morning Edition
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Sign Of The Times: Food Stamp Use Soars
CBS Evening News: Nearly One In 11 Americans Uses Government Program To Make Ends Meet

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Obama Report Clears Staff In Blago Probe
Transition Office Report Confirms Rahm Emanuel Did Have Contacts With Ill. Gov, But Finds No Effort To Make A Deal

 Caroline Kennedy Education Record Disputed
 Republican IT Guru Dies In Plane Crash
 Obama Team Set To Release Blago Report

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Medicine Is The Best Stimulus
The New Republic: Health Care Reform Is A Magic Bullet For Short-Term Spending And Long-Term Saving

 Another Great Depression?
 A Few Clouds On Obama's Horizon
 Ca! roline Kennedy Is Decidedly Liberal

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Many Stuck At Airports (4:07)

The Economy's Impact On Crime (1:49)

Obama Report On Blagojevich (3:40)

Massive Water-Main Breaks (1:31)

Not-So-Merry Travel Season (1:41)

A Mother's Reason To Run (2:24)
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Celebrity Circuit

In Royal Circles

Shoe Protests Around The World

Week in Sports: Dec. 19-Dec. 25

Celebrity Circuit
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Is Obama Team In The Clear On Blago Scandal?
Jeff Greenfield Analyzes The Fallout From The Transition Team's Report Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Placebos
Now That A Study Shows Half Of U.S. Doctors Admit To Prescribing Placebos, What's A Patient To Do? Read More
Russian Missile Test A Dud
ICBM Fails Final Test; Also: End Of Cheap Gas?; Energy Deal With Belarus Read More
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5. Guardian 'Angel' Caught On Tape (3:36)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. In Royal Circles
3. A Family Photo Album
4. Presidential Program
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