Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Saturday, December 27, 2008
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*Scores Killed in Israeli Strike on Gaza$$zuyzVb4/time23-22

Israeli warplanes and helicopters launch rocket attacks into Hamas-ruled territory, retaliating for rocket fire from Gaza to Israel.
AP: At least 155 killed in "the single bloodiest day of fighting in recent memory."
Reuters: Bloodiest day for Palestinians in more than 20 years of conflict.

*Ohio's Governor to Obama: "I Need $5 Billion"$$zuyzVb4/time24-22

Gov. Strickland, other governors and mayors line up to ask the new White House for emergency funds as their economies crater.
Strickland: "We're not crying wolf. This is real."

*Dolphin Show and Shave Ice for the Obamas$$zuyzVb4/time25-22

The president-elect and his daughters leave their $9 million Hawaiian rental home Friday for a trip to Sea Life and Kokonuts Shave Ice and Snacks.
Offers to buy reporters a dessert-- "I'm telling you, this is really good." Read pool report here.
NY Times: Sudden trip sent the pool reporter scrambling.

*Lights Out on Obama's Island$$zuyzVb4/time26-22

A lightning strike cuts off power for hundreds of thousands on Oahu, where the Obama family is vacationing.
A generator was to be taken to the Obama's vacation home. Obama told Honolulu's mayor he was fine and planned to sleep through the blackout.

*WSJ: Reid Worried About Re-Election Prospects$$zuyzVb4/time27-22

The Senate Majority Leader is interviewing campaign managers and stepping up fundraising ahead of his 2010 election fight.
Recent poll puts his approval rating in Nevada at 38%.

*South Asia Uh-Oh$$zuyzVb4/time29-22

Word that Pakistan is moving troops toward the Indian border seems very bad news on several counts. Obviously, the prospect of a military confrontation between Pakistan and India, and the possible nuclear exchange that might ensue, is scary, to say the least. And then there is the corollary effect of removing Pakistani Army troops from [...]
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$$zuyzVb4/time30-22

1.The Gaza Air Strikes: Why Israel Attacked$$zuyzVb4/time31-22

2.What the Government Gave Detroit for Christmas$$zuyzVb4/time32-22

3.Will Bosnia Test the Obama Administration?$$zuyzVb4/time33-22


Prostitution should be legal.$$zuyzVb4/time35-22

Candidate and Issue Guide$$zuyzVb4/time36-22


U.S. Economy$$zuyzVb4/time38-22


Wall Street$$zuyzVb4/time40-22

In This Week's Issue$$zuyzVb4/time41-22

Table of Contents

*Why History Can't Wait$$zuyzVb4/time42-22

*People Who Mattered 2008$$zuyzVb4/time43-22

*The Year of Living Stupidly$$zuyzVb4/time44-22

*Fond Farewells$$zuyzVb4/time45-22

*The Interview$$zuyzVb4/time46-22

*The Long-Lost Negatives$$zuyzVb4/time47-22

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