Tuesday, October 18, 2011

André Mingas believed in rapid Angola’s development - Eulogy

Luanda – The late musician and composer André Mingas believed that Angola, thanks to the nature of its people, would get rid of underdevelopment and social imbalance than other African nations, Angop learned Monday in Luanda.

This was disclosed during his burial at Luanda’s Santa Ana Cemetery.

According to a message of condolence from the Aid Services of the Presidency of the Republic read out at the ceremony, Andre Mingas dreamed of making the country more beautiful and more humane.

"He wanted to translate them (dreams) into projects in favour of the development of the country and wellbeing of Angolans,” reads the message.

The source added that would his projects ever come true, they will become the ex-libris” of the capital, in view of their quality and aesthetics.

According to the source, André Mingas was one of those that engaged more in clarifying  the concept of “new centrality” and though his work is still little known, it will eternalise him.

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