Sunday, December 21, 2008

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December 21, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
N.Y. Republicans Slam Caroline Kennedy
Face The Nation: Potential Replacement For Hillary Dissed As "Celebrity"; Supporters Praise Her Character, Conviction

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China Blocks New York Times Web Site
Unclear If Move Was Meant To Filter Specific Content Or Simply Reassert Gov't Censorship Powers

 The "Detroit's A Loser" Myth
 Mars Find Suggests Life Once Possible
 Oil Demand Slowing, Says Energy Agency

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Mixed Views On $17.4 Billion Auto Bailout
As Supporters, Critics Debate Bush's Plan For Loans To GM & Chrysler, Canada Steps Up With Package Of Its Own

 Ripples Of A Massive Fraud
 Wall Street Lukewarm To Auto Bailout
 The True Price Of Auto Labor Costs

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Dustin Hoffman, Still Crazy
How A Struggling Actor Became An Overnight Success, And Remains A Star After 40 Years

 'Tis The Season: New CDs
 Jennifer Aniston: "It's My Time"
 "Star Trek"'s Nurse Chapel Dead At 76

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Kennedy's Qualifications (17:18)

What Kennedy Can Bring (4:22)

Chinese Economy In Turmoil (1:50)

Bob Schieffer's Toothy Rhyme (0:54)

Exclusive: Tony Blair On Peace (4:18)

Last-Minute Holiday Bargains (4:39)
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Shoe Protests Around The World

Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

"Wrestler" On Two Coasts

In Royal Circles

Versace's Vision
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N.Y. Republicans Slam Caroline Kennedy
GOP Tries To Discredit Potential Senate Appointee As An Inexperienced Celebrity Read More
A Public Hanging (Of Sorts) For The Bush Family
President Bush And First Lady Laura All Jokes At National Portrait Gallery Painting Unveiling Read More
Zimbabwe's Blind Eye To Cholera
Sky News Takes A Candid Look At The African Nation's Desperate Situation  Read More
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1. At Least 38 Injured In Denver Plane Crash
2. Blago Case Bad News For Rahm Emanuel
3. Ripples Of A Massive Fraud
4. Franken Now Leads In Minn. Senate Recount
5. Up Next, Recaps & Links
1. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
2. The Mortgage Meltdown (12:29)
3. Chinese Economy In Turmoil (1:50)
4. Evening News Online, 12.19.08 (21:01)
5. Invitation To A Murder (42:38)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Photos Of The Day
3. Coast-To-Coast Snow
4. Jennifer Aniston
5. Shoe Protests Around The World

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