Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Burning Questions!

Burning Questions!

Link to Burning Questions - The FeedBurner Weblog

Our 210th variation on the theme, "Thank you for using FeedBurner."

Posted: 23 Dec 2008 10:35 AM PST

Interesting Fact: this is the 210th time we've posted to this blog. Bittersweet Reality: it will be the last.

Our team has used Burning Questions to provide FeedBurner product announcements and stories about the publishers who use FeedBurner since February of 2004. We've laughed, we've cried, we've hackathoned. Above all, we've tried to give you a running play-by-play of the service's evolution from a green page with eight checkboxes to a central hub for publicizing, optimizing, analyzing, and, of course, monetizing all manner of blog, podcast, and commercial content in syndication. (We sheepishly admit a good number of you have spent more time than you'd like troubleshootizing, too. Feeds can be ornery.)

Today we're formally signing off Burning Questions, but not before we direct you to the new, official site for all future updates: the AdSense for Feeds blog. This blog will contain all future updates related to all FeedBurner services. We will soon redirect the Burning Questions feed itself to point to the new blog, so you don't need to update any existing feed (or email) subscriptions. Our first post discusses how you can start managing your feeds from a Google account, rather than from your old account. This is mondo important, as all future feed services, both AdSense-provided and otherwise, will eventually require use of a Google account.

FeedBurner would be just another digging construction guy graphic without your active use of, and involvement in, all aspects of it through the years. As we start tying more closely into other Google products that you may already use, we are eager to give you much more of the get-out-of-the-way, it-just-works joy, simplicity and reliability you deserve from web service like ours with all the benefits that Google's platform provides.

Finally, we must relent and reveal: here is the inspiration for a certain error page. With this last post, you finally have all of our secrets. Good luck, and avoid routines like "20 goto 10." That one required the air brakes.

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