Friday, December 26, 2008

What a hardworking media organization looks like

Help secure AlterNet's future


Dear Reader,

Greetings from all of us at AlterNet. We're here to tell you that we work very hard every day to give you the best journalism and information available -- great writers, brilliant visions, investigative digging, critical analysis, mind-blowing opinions, and even articles that help take your mind off of the problems of the world, because everyone needs to take a breather sometimes.

We are writing you with a simple plea: If you can, please support our work. Now is the time. The year is almost up.* Click here to help.

There are new opportunities and big challenges ahead. We'll all need to match our hope for the future with the tough love necessary to achieve solutions that will benefit all Americans -- not just a few. To win these victories will require a strong and independent media. And for this, there is no better investment than AlterNet.

AlterNet exposes the crooks on Wall Street, and the villains lobbying for greedy interests. We fight for quality healthcare for everyone. We unmask the horrible war on drugs. We work to get our troops out of Iraq quickly and safely. We offer the ideas and vision that will pull us out of this painful recession and help us weather this economic storm. Every day we present alternatives to the overconsumption that has riddled our society.

To put it simply: we are all in this together and AlterNet is here to serve you -- to keep you informed, stimulated, angry when necessary, and hopeful for the long run.

We promise to work our butts off every day of 2009, to deliver you the writers, the topics, the stories, and the insights that will keep us all on top of our game -- the elements that will help us change America into the country we need it to be, one that ensures a healthy and meaningful future for all of us.

We promise to be here for you -- here to help make sure that the progressive positions on the issues we all care about are as loud, strong, and clear as ever. Will you be there for us at this critical moment?

We hope so.

Happy Holidays from all of us,

Don Hazen
The Staff at AlterNet

P.S. Need one more reason? If you make a commitment to AlterNet's future with a monthly gift of $10 or more, we will send you our newest book, "The Best of AlterNet 2008" -- a compilation of our greatest coverage for the year. Click here to become an AlterNet sustainer.

*P.P.S. A huge "thank you" from all of us to all of you who have already contributed to our year-end campaign!




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