Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MPLA official speaks of party's seriousness, responsible posture


Luanda – The secretary for information of the ruling MPLA, Rui Falcão Pinto de Andrade, said last Monday in Luanda that his party is an organisation that is serious, responsible and with a sense of statehood, reason why it will accept the results of the August 31 election. 

Speaking to the private LAC radio, an interview that served to assess the party’s fourteen days of campaigning, Rui Falcão said that the MPLA is prepared to win or lose this year’s election, because in democracy all the results are possible.

"In democracy we have to accept all the results and respect the social values. The MPLA is a serene, serious, responsible party with a sense of statehood", he stressed.

As regards the party’s governance programme for the 2012/2017 period, Rui Falcão said that it is being presented to all the groups so that they know what the MPLA has done and what has been programmed to be done.

ANGOP has learnt that the electoral programme of the MPLA includes fundamental points such as peace consolidation, strengthening of democracy, preservation of national unity and cohesion, safeguarding the basic premises for development and improvement of Angolan people’s living standards.  

In the last election, held in 2008, the MPLA got 81.64 per cent of the votes.

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