Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting the Right Dose of Pain Medication

Chronic Pain

December 24, 2008

Patient-Controlled Pain Drug Errors Are Common
How to Avoid Overdose and Health Complications

Ask your doctor about the right way to take all your medications Patient-controlled analgesic pumps are four times more likely to cause harm than other medications, researchers report. To prevent overdoses and medical complications, they suggest simplifying the equipment and forms. Learn more about how to use pain medications safely and understand drug labels.

More News about Pain

Help from the Community

Try the message boards for information and support and pain conditions and more. A sampling:

Living with Multiple Sclerosis
People who are recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis will experience a wide range of emotions associated with the disease. Learn how others have dealt with their MS diagnosis. Also, find out how regular exercise can improve the lives of people at all stages of Multiple Sclerosis.

Tips for Frequent Bladder Problems
Help relieve overactive bladder problems. Learn more>>>

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