Monday, December 22, 2008

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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May The Force Be With You - If You Are Over 18..

Posted: 22 Dec 2008 05:05 AM CST

A Star Wars lightsaber has been banned by bankrupt retailer Woolworths because idiotic bosses fear it could be mistaken for a gun!

Despite being in the midst of last Christmas ever, the chiefs at the Midlands branch are restricting the sale of lightsabers to anyone under the age of 18.

We are imagining now, the look on the face of a shop owner when told to empty the cash till with a lightsaber glowing in front of them..not the scariest robbery attempt of all time.

Wonder how many will be glowing in the audience in the O2, brandished by dangerous 9 year olds?

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Kelly Brook In Strictly Christmas Special

Posted: 22 Dec 2008 04:41 AM CST

The gorgeous Kelly Brook will be dancing with luck Brian Fortuna in the Strictly Christmas Special

Kelly, 29, had to pull out last year after her Father died.

She is now returning with new partner Brian for the Christmas Day special.  Originally with Brendan, she was forced to choose another partner as he was tied up with the final which Tom eventually won.

She'll perform a jive to the song “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree”.

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Introducing The World’s Most Unlikey Terrorist

Posted: 22 Dec 2008 04:26 AM CST

Dave Vaughan, AKA, PC Konk the Clown stopped as a suspected terrorist - wearing flashing police helmet and red nose..Most terrorists aiming to wreak havoc in mid-air will spend months if not years planning how to sneak on board in the least noticeable way possible, fake passports and very low key outfits to help blend in.

PC Konk the Clown didn’t do a very good job of it.   Mr Vaughan, had been booked by Variety Club Midlands to perform for disadvantaged children on a one-hour circular flight known as the Search for Santa.  So he went in full costume, complete with his flashing helmet, red nose and size 48 boots.

Not surprisingly, he set off the alarm and guards forced him to strip down to his shorts and T-shirt.

He was ordered to hand over his plastic handcuffs that he bought from the Early Learning Centre.

“I showed them my police clown identity card, which had my picture next to my credentials as a member of the Criminal Insane Department, but I don’t think that really helped.”

A Birmingham International Airport airport spokesman said: ‘PC Konk certainly did a great job of keeping everyone at the airport entertained. However, he was required to give in his handcuffs in line with national security regulations.”

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The Gadget Show - Christmas Stocking

Posted: 22 Dec 2008 04:06 AM CST

On the Gadget show tonight is a Winter challenge, top five silly gadgets and a test of the Blackberry Storm..

This is the final program of 2008 on The Gadget Show, this week, Dallas Campbell and Jason Bradbury are on the piste in Austria going head to head in a Winter challenge.

First challenge - Jason and Dallas have to get up a mountain and back down the slopes using some of the most innovative bits of ski tech to hit the slopes.

Second challenge - après ski.  The guys will be testing what gadget is best for internet access in a log cabin.

Third Challenge is a two stage race down a mountain, as fast as possible.

Also this week Dallas visits Qinetiq to see the latest developments in Augmented Reality.

Jon Bentley tests the new Blackberry Storm and the lovely Suzi Perry will be presenting the Top 5 silly gadgets she has seen this series.

The Gadget Show 8pm Channel 5

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