Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Sunday, December 21, 2008
The Page--- The Latest Updates$$zuyzVtm/time22-22

*Biden to Chair White House Task Force on Middle Class$$zuyzVtm/time23-22

The VP-elect tells ABC's "This Week" that he's going to chair a middle-class task force to determine how Obama's policies are affecting them.
"My focus is going to be, I'm going to chair this group and it is designed to do the one thing we use as a yardstick of economic success of our administration, is [...]

*Cheney: Biden Never Asked for Advice$$zuyzVtm/time24-22

The Vice President tells "Fox News Sunday" that he hasn't given any advice to his predecessor because he hasn't asked.
And says he strongly disagrees with the idea that he dangerously expanded the powers of the executive branch.
Also adds he would "clearly love" to get bin Laden now, doesn't think Palin's a lock as the GOP [...]

*Obama Report: Rahm Only Made One Call to Blago$$zuyzVtm/time25-22

ABC News: The team review shows Emanuel made one "pro-forma" courtesy call after he was named chief of staff for Obama.
Most of the discussion concerned Emanuel's Congressional seat with only a "passing reference" to the Senate vacancy. No deal for the seat was discussed.

*Poll: Public Has Many Priorities Besides Economy$$zuyzVtm/time26-22

ABC News/WashPost: The public's priorities for Obama administration include fixing health care, reducing global warming and withdrawing forces from Iraq.
More details here.

*Obama Expands Recovery Plan$$zuyzVtm/time27-22

Sunday NYTimes: The president-elect is planning to create or save 3 million jobs in the next two years, up from a goal of 2.5 million jobs set just last month.

*Is There a QVC in the Muslim World?$$zuyzVtm/time29-22

The NYT reports today that cobblers from Lebanon, China and Iraq are claiming to have made the shoes that an Iraqi journalist tossed at President Bush, but one in Turkey seems to be gaining the marketing edge with Ducati Model 271, since renamed "The Bush Shoe":
A new run of 15,000 pairs, destined for Iraq, went [...]
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2.After Mumbai, India's Hotels Brace for a Sharp Downturn$$zuyzVtm/time32-22

3.Finding Jesus in London$$zuyzVtm/time33-22


Prostitution should be legal.$$zuyzVtm/time35-22

Candidate and Issue Guide$$zuyzVtm/time36-22


U.S. Economy$$zuyzVtm/time38-22


Wall Street$$zuyzVtm/time40-22

In This Week's Issue$$zuyzVtm/time41-22

Table of Contents

*Why History Can't Wait$$zuyzVtm/time42-22

*People Who Mattered 2008$$zuyzVtm/time43-22

*The Year of Living Stupidly$$zuyzVtm/time44-22

*Fond Farewells$$zuyzVtm/time45-22

*The Interview$$zuyzVtm/time46-22

*The Long-Lost Negatives$$zuyzVtm/time47-22

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