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More Good UK News on The DailyDust today

More Good UK News on The DailyDust today

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Phil Brown gets up the nose of Joe Kinnear

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 09:31 AM CST

And that’s from the man himself…

After both managers were sent to the stands in Newcastle’s 1-0 loss to Hull in the FA Cup, Joe Kinnear vented his frustrations with both Phil Brown and the referee for not letting the two go at it untethered. Yes, it is strange that manager-to-manager combat on the sideline is not permitted.

“I will never change. That’s the way I am. I react to things,” said Kinnear. “I am very passionate and I will always fight my case and stand my ground. I have done that all my life. I’ve been in front of the FA four dozen times.”

“I didn’t attack Browny or anything like that though. We just had a lot of verbals. He had plenty to say to young Chris [Hughton, Kinnear's assistant] that wasn’t very nice so that’s when I interrupted and gave him a few words and a few challenges.

“Browny got up my nose. When one of my players got a yellow card he had the cheek to start clapping and ranting things like ’send him off ref’. That sort of things is just not acceptable.”

“I don’t know how the referee got involved in it. This was strictly between me and Browny. There must be some sort of rule that says you can’t have a ruck with an opposing manager which he started.”

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Free Cash From The Nationwide!

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 09:14 AM CST

The Nationwide Building Society cash point machine started giving out £60 for every £30 requested at an ATM in Stretford, Greater Manchester.

It also gave away more cash in different multiples depending on the money requested.

Some customers are believed to have used several cards to make withdrawals.

But the cash give-away bonanza was not reported for five hours.

A spokeswoman for the building society said: “It is disappointing nobody reported the matter earlier in the day when many people were made aware”..Not for the people that withdrew it wasn’t…

Did you draw out any cash?

Photo Credit: Lilly on Flickr

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More Fun on the God-less Buses

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 08:21 AM CST

Christian Driver refuses to drive Bus with Atheist Advert

Following on from the launch of the "There's Probably No God" advertising campaign, and complaints as to the veracity of the statements, the buses are once again back in the spotlight.

Ron Heather, a bus driver for First Bus, is a Christian, and turning up for work saw that he had been allocated one of the buses carrying the controversial advert.

I felt that I could not drive that bus, I told my managers and they said they haven’t got another one and I thought I better go home, so I did.

Returning to work, he was told that management would do their best to not give him a bus with the poster campaign in line with his concerns.

Next up, Playstation 3 fans refusing to drive buses with Halo adverts on them, drunk tech people refusing Nokia advertising Taxi's, and people late for work so they don’t have to pass big posters of Tesco in the streets.

(Hat tip to BBC Radio Solent)

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Verne Gets Drunk, Ulrika Offers To Spank Him

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 07:17 AM CST

The celeb housemates were awarded champagne, party food, music and cigarettes after passing the Message In A Bottle task..which required them not to moan for a whole hour.

As the group celebrated, Verne downed three glasses of champagne and promptly got drunk.

LaToya Jackson soon became the target of Verne’s flirting as he repeatedly told her how beautiful her smile was: “You’re smile is so much special. Let me tell you seriously. When you smile you do so much more than the overall thing.”

“You might have the whole thing. These people who want to get involved, f**k them.”

(We have no idea what that meant either..)

Verne proceeded to drive his housemates crazy by driving around and around the room, with Ulrika Jonsson offering to ’spank him’.

After being requested to go to the Diary Room, Verne got as far as the hallway entrance and was thrown off the scooter after accelerating instead of breaking.

Big Brother then made an announcement asking someone to help get him off the floor, Terry Christian came to his assistance.

Four of the girls are up for eviction Live tonight, with Tina the big favourite to go.

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Move Over Birds, The Seals are Here

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 03:41 AM CST

RSPCA Bird Rescue Tank's first use is for a pair of Grey Seal Pups.

Following the grounding of the MSC Napoli and 2007, and the subsequent spillage of over 200 tonnes of oil off the Devon Coast, hundreds of birds were rescued by the RSPCA at their West hatch facility.

That highlighted the need for a deep water pool to help rehabilitate any birds cleaned up in a future oil spill. With money raised by friends of the centre, and the Poole branch of the RSCPA, the 1.8m deep pool is now open, and has its first occupants.

Emily and Ellie, a pair of grey seal pups are using the water to practice diving for fish and resting on the bottom. Ellie had lost her mother and was washed up when less than a month old, while Emily was orphaned at three weeks, and found with trauma and puncture wounds.

Both seals are now rapidly learning 'normal' behaviour for seals and will eventually be returned to the wild.

(Hat tip to BBC Somerset, more at the West Hatch Wildlife Centre).

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Assault With A Deadly Cream Bun

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 02:48 AM CST

A Crime of Confectionary as 62 year old appears in Court after breaching his ASBO with a cake.

While America has the second amendment, British residents taking up arms against aggressors have something a little bit more… sticky. The cream cake.

Kenneth Jackson is appearing in court accused of attacking a Police Officer with his "trademark cream bun" outside a Barnsley nightclub.

Reported in the South Yorkshire Star, Jackson claims he was entertaining crowds with the cream bun on his head and it fell off onto the policeman. A second cream cake ended up on a police car when he tried to throw it to a friend.

The trial is on-going but it should be clear that what's acceptable on the stage of the Royal Variety Performance isn't suitable on the streets of Yorkshire.

(Hat tip to The Star).

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Maybe We Should Have Called It ‘Ouse

Posted: 16 Jan 2009 01:49 AM CST

Hugh Laurie reckons he knows why the hit medical drama House has never made it big in the UK. It's the accent.

"I’m quite dubious anytime I hear any of my countrymen playing American," he points out in an interview with Playboy. "The British are wise to me."

Now in its fifth season, House has made Hugh Laurie an unlikely heart-throb in the new world as he stalks the corridors of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, like some sort of medical Sherlock Holmes.

Stumbling over House, which airs on Channel 5 in the UK, is certainly a jarring experience for a British viewer, so used are we to Laurie's previous accents in Blackadder, but we really should give him a chance.

Perhaps an episode where we meet House's father… played by Stephen Fry?

(Hat tip to Digital Spy).

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