Monday, December 22, 2008 Fill Your Karma Piggy Bank!

December 22, 2008 - Newsletter

Fill Your Karma Piggy Bank!
Hurry, there's still time ...
Wherever you have Capricorn in your birth chart is where a Capricorn contingent is camped out ready to get their marching orders! On December 22, the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. Energetic Mars joins the group, entering Capricorn on December 26. The new Moon in Capricorn takes place on December 27 and we end the week with an intense Mars-Pluto conjunction on December 28.

For more in-depth info on what these transits mean and how they'll affect your week, read up on The Stars This Week.

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Maximize This Week's Energy

  • You only have a little bit more time to make your gift count this year, so give the gift of astrology with the Astro12 DVD Series! You and your loved ones will learn all about the ancient science of the cosmos, all while viewing breathtaking images of our precious planet and beyond.
  • Since you can (and should!) do anything your heart desires this week, why not get a little action? Find out how to make the nights snap, crackle and pop with our Astrological Lust Guide.
  • Use that juicy astrological energy to create something beautiful! Find out how to harness Venus' lovely charm to put your stamp on the world of art with Venus: Beautiful World.

  • Coming next week: Reconnect with yourself!

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