Monday, December 22, 2008

10 Most Popular Stories of the Week

10 Most Popular Stories from
Monday, December 22, 2008

1.Person of the Year 2008
For having the confidence to sketch an ambitious future in a gloo
my hour, and for showing the competence that makes Americans hope
ful he might pull it off, the President-elect is TIME's Person of
the Year.$zuyzVoJ/time1-22

2.Why Is Steve Jobs Skipping MacWorld?
By Josh Quittner
Apple's CEO will sit out MacWorld in January 2009, and the compan
y says that expo will be the last that Apple will attend$zuyzVoJ/time2-22

3.Madoff Victims Look for Ways to Recover Their Money

By Stephen Gandel
Some of the defrauded investors are covered by federal insurance.
Others are considering lawsuits$zuyzVoJ/time3-22

4.Punishment for the Shoe Thrower Puts al-Maliki in a Spot
By Rania Abouzeid
How punishing the journalist who hurled his shoes at Bush could a
ffect the political standing of Iraq's Prime Minister$zuyzVoJ/time4-22

5.Mapping the Rats in New York City
By Christine Gorman / New York
Rats and cities have gone together since at least the Middle Ages
. Now New York City is employing a high-tech tool -- geocoding --
to fight an age-old plague$zuyzVoJ/time5-22

6.Will Arne Duncan Shake Up America's Schools?
By Kathleen Kingsbury
In selecting the Chicago Public Schools CEO for his Education Sec
retary, Obama chooses a reformer who is also a consensus builder$zuyzVoJ/time6-22

7.How I Got Screwed by Bernie Madoff
By Robert Chew
The call came at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 11. I had been waiting
for it for five years$zuyzVoJ/time7-22

8.Is It Healthy for Couples to Travel Apart?
By Judy McGuire
Is choosing to travel without your partner the sign of a doomed r
elationship -- or a healthy one?$zuyzVoJ/time8-22

9.Texas Braces for an Oil Bust
By Hilary Hylton
The oil-and-gas industry accounts for almost 16% of the Texas GDP
-- and that means any slowdown in that sector will have a ripple
effect on the state's economy$zuyzVoJ/time9-22

10.The Planet Gets Cooler in '08. Say What?

By Bryan Walsh
La Niña may have made average temperatures in 2008 cooler
than the years immediately prior, but the warming trend continues$zuyzVoJ/time10-22

Pictures of the Week$zuyzVoJ/time11-22

Thursday, December 18, 2008ChaosProtesters run through tear gas d
uring riots in Athens, Greece.

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