Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One of Your Most Impactful '08 Fair Trade Actions + See Teens FT Caroling on TV!

Fair Trade - National

Dear friends:

Last year, when I visited the La Pita Fair Trade coffee cooperative in Nicaragua as part of a Reality Tour, I asked how the Global Exchange community of staff, activists, educators, and listserv participants could help.  Pedro Torrez, Secretary of the cooperative replied, "To be certified Fair Trade was a great joy for us.  Fair Trade has enabled this cooperative to survive.  You ask how you can help.  You are helping.  You are spreading awareness of our situation and our poverty."

Pedro's message of gratitude and encouragement to keep up the good work we are doing together was a thank you directed to each of you who read this listserv and advocate on behalf of Fair Trade.

And that is exactly what we have done over the past year.  Together we:

  • Educated nearly a quarter million households with Reverse Trick or Treating and thousands of children with our Fair Trade curriculum;
  • Launched two wildly successful new programs:  Fair Trade Holiday Caroling* and We Want More from Our S'mores; and
  • Kept critical pressure on the cocoa industry to end child slavery and abusive child labor in cocoa.

And those are just a few examples.  We have big plans to do even more exciting projects next year to build a national, vibrant movement for Fair Trade.

As you consider your end-of-year charitable contributions, please consider supporting farmers like Pedro Torrez, by supporting Global Exchange's work to grow the market for Fair Trade certified products.  It could be one of your most important actions of 2008 to promote Fair Trade and end child labor in cocoa.  Every donation is tax deductible.

If each member of the Global Exchange Fair Trade community contributes, you will play a central role in keeping the campaign alive.  

Your contributions are critical to our efforts to support Fair Trade farmers while maintaining our vigil against abusive child labor in the cocoa industry.  Please help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 in end-of-year contributions.  Every little bit helps, even if you can only make a small contribution.

For larger contributions, we will also send you a small token of our appreciation.  With a $100 gift, we will send you a delicious Fair Trade chocolate bar.  With a $500 gift, we will send you a copy of Putumayo's Music from the Chocolate Lands CD.  (This is my personal favorite CD... and not just because it's chocolate-related... the music is fabulous!). With a $1,000 gift, we will send you both the CD and a Fair Trade chocolate bar.*

Please contribute at: 


If you contribute through our online system and wish to receive your gift premium, please also send an email to fairtrade@globalexchange.org with "End of Year Donation" in the subject line to let us know that you have made a contribution online.  That way, it can be credited to the Fair Trade Campaign account and we can send your CD and/or chocolate bar.  In your email, please include the name you used when you made your online contribution, the date you contributed, and the amount.

Alternatively, checks can be mailed to:

Attention Fair Trade Campaign
Global Exchange
2017 Mission Street, 2nd floor
San Francisco, CA  94110

Please write "Fair Trade Campaign" in the memo line and write "Attention Fair Trade Campaign" on the envelope.

Sincere thanks and warm wishes for a joyous holiday season and Happy New Year,

Adrienne Fitch-Frankel
Global Exchange Fair Trade Campaign Director

*PS:  Watch one example of the Fair Trade campaign's initiatives: Fair Trade Holiday Caroling... in this case, the fabulous Montclair High School Fair Trade Club caroling in their New Jersey Fair Trade Town!  This report on Channel 1, which aired December 18 to six million teens in homerooms nationwide.  Viewable only for a week at: 


(Click on Videos>Channel 1 News>image that says "December 18" when you mouse over.)  To participate in the fun yourself, visit www.globalexchange.org/cocoa

*Please note that, if you receive a gift premium, the tax deduction for which you are eligible is reduced by the value of the gift, as consistent with tax law.

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