Monday, December 22, 2008

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December 22, 2008 | Evening Edition
Top Stories
5 Found Guilty In Fort Dix Terror Plot
Muslim Men Convicted Of Conspiring To Kill Military Personnel, Cleared Of Attempted Murder

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In D.C., California Rises
Politico: With Cabinet Appointees And A Strong Delegation, The Golden State's Shine In Washington Is Brighter Than Ever

 Schwarzenegger's Green Challenge
 N.Y. Republicans Slam Caroline Kennedy
 Trade Barriers Toughen With Global Slump

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$1.6B Of Bank Bailout Went To Execs
AP: Money Given To Struggling Banks Went Toward Bonuses, Stock Options, Country Club Memberships

 Mixed Views On $17.4 Billion Auto Bailout
 Ripples Of A Massive Fraud
 Wall Street Lukewarm To Auto Bailout

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Crime Prevention Tips From Famous Thief
Frank Abagnale, Former Thief, Now FBI Employee Was Subject Of Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can"

 "Mockingbird" Director Mulligan Dies
 Michael Jackson Fighting For His Life?
 Moviegoers Say "Yes' To "Yes Man"

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"Black Boxes" Recovered (3:51)

Boy Survives Decapitation (4:21)

Notebook: Gifts That Give (1:00)

Bushes Donate Coats (3:25)

Survivor Recalls Plane Fire (3:05)

Bobby Flay's Eggnog (2:59)
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Photos Of The Day

In Royal Circles

Shoe Protests Around The World

Week in Sports: Dec. 19-Dec. 25

Celebrity Circuit

"Wrestler" On Two Coasts
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Jobs In Obama Administration Hard To Come By
More Than 300,000 Applicants, And Fewer Than 8,000 Jobs Available Read More
A Public Hanging (Of Sorts) For The Bush Family
President Bush And First Lady Laura All Jokes At National Portrait Gallery Painting Unveiling Read More
Syria Leader Eyes Direct Talks With Israel
President Bashar Al-Assad Says Indirect Negotiations Have Built "Solid Foundations" Read More
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1. Schwarzenegger's Green Challenge
2. N.Y. Republicans Slam Caroline Kennedy
3. Michael Jackson Fighting For His Life?
4. Amid Chaos, Passengers Remained Calm
5. $1.6B Of Bank Bailout Went To Execs
1. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
2. 60 Minutes, 12.21.08 (42:04)
3. The Mortgage Meltdown (12:29)
4. Face The Nation, 12.21.08 (24:30)
5. Calif. Gov's Bold Moves (12:46)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Photos Of The Day
3. Caroline Kennedy
4. Coast-To-Coast Snow
5. Week in Sports: Dec. 19-Dec. 25

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