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Nov. 12, 2008

Fool's Gold?

Millions of Americans are reeling during this economic crisis, and as they tighten their belts, retail sales have plunged. But one place where sales are up in many states is the lottery. Despite the staggering odds against a jackpot win, Americans continue to pay for their random chance at riches -- even if, for so many, there is no rainbow and no pot of gold. Chris Bury reports on one family that has cut back on just about everything -- except lottery tickets.

Love Lady

Her radio show plays on 250 stations and has millions of listeners. In her sultry voice, she dispenses advice to the lovestruck with love songs for bookends. Tonight, Neal Karlinsky profiles Delilah Rene Luke, known to her fans simply as Delilah. He finds that the woman with all the answers had to learn about the ups and downs of love through experience.

Playlist: Brad Paisley

He combines country music with popular rock 'n' roll and his success has earned him a Grammy. Brad Paisley talks about his musical influences in tonight's Playlist -- on the same night he hosts the CMA Awards.

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The "Nightline" team

Be sure to check us out on our Web site.

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