Monday, December 22, 2008

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Good afternoon, everyone. This is Harry Smith filling in for Katie.


Call it The Big Freeze. A band of severe cold weather stretched across the northern United States over the weekend – and today it's causing power outages and snarling traffic across the Midwest and Northeast. What does this mean for holiday travelers? Dave Price has the story.


Who can blame shoppers for staying home and out of the cold this past weekend? But that was bad news for store owners. Retail sales were down on the normally booming Super Saturday. And as Kelly Wallace reports, customers now have the upper hand – meaning huge bargains are available for anyone who doesn’t mind doing a bit of negotiating.


Next: Did a military contractor expose American soldiers in Iraq to a deadly carcinogen? Armen Keteyian has our exclusive investigation.


In health news, Bill Whitaker examines the health hazards of being a bit pudgy. A new study shows that if you're just a few pounds overweight, you could be upping your risk of heart disease.


Finally, earlier this year we met a family who used to donate to food banks – but in the middle of the economic downturn, they found themselves losing their business and having to rely on the government and food bank handouts themselves. Now, this holiday season, Seth Doane visits them again – and finds a lot more hope … and a lot more cheer.


I hope you join us tonight,


Harry Smith


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