Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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January 13, 2009 | Evening Edition
Top Stories
Cops: Pilot Faked Crash, Fled Charges
Man May Have Crashed Plane To Fake Suicide And Escape Financial Ruin; Believed To Have Fled On Motorcycle

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The World Wagers On Obama
Inauguration Snow? First-Term Impeachment? White House Puppy Named Joe The Plumber? Place Your Bets

 Back In BlackBerry? Obama Could Get PDA
 44 To Reverse 43's Executive Orders
 Clinton's Confirmation Opening Statement

Health  » More Health
Poor Sleep Increases Risk Of Getting Sick
Study Finds Those Exposed To Cold Viruses Less Likely To Get Sick If They Got 8 Hours Of Sleep

 Too Much Overtime Takes Mental Toll
 Vicks VapoRub Misuse May Hurt Kids
 Light On Sleep, Heavy On Snacks?

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Bundchen, Brady To Be New "Power Couple"
Supermodel, Quarterback Said To Be Engaged; Combined $45M Income Would Put Them Among Showbiz Earners' Elite, Forbes Says

 LA Critics: More To Celebrate
 India Savors "Slumdog" Success
 "Idol" Returns With New Extremes

Opinion  » More Opinion
A Nation Looks For Candor At Justice
Andrew Cohen: The Only Suspense In AG Nominee Eric Holder's Confirmation Hearing Is Whether He Answers The Tough Questions

 Sarah Palin Is Right This Time
 Remembrances Of Inaugurations Past
 Andy's Favorite Holiday

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Bush Looks Back (5:18)

Pilot Fakes His Own Death (3:49)

Taco Bell Wedding Bells (2:57)

Notebook: Distracted Drivers (1:04)

Spotlight On Dalmatian Pups (1:09)

Wife Talks In Kidney Divorce (1:43)
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Day In Pictures

Celebrity Circuit

Gaza Fighting Rages

The Stork Club

2009 Detroit Auto Show

Golden Globe Couples
Latest Blog Posts  » More Blogs
AP: Geithner Didn't Pay Taxes
Treasury Secretary Designate Reportedly Meeting With Senators To Discuss Taxes, Housekeeper's Immigration Status Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Bush's Legacy
At Final News Conference, President More Forthcoming Than Usual Read More
Saudi Intel Chief In Pakistan
Wants Pakistan To Prosecute Militants Involved In Mumbai Attacks, Diplomat Tells CBS News Read More
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2. On Elephant Sanctuary, Unlikely Friends
3. Blackhawk Helicopter Crashes At Texas A&M
4. Sarah Palin Is Right This Time
5. Toyota Unveils New Prius Boasting 50 MPG
1. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
2. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
3. The Price Of Oil (13:27)
4. 60 Minutes, 01.11.09 (42:50)
5. Wyclef's Hope For Haiti (12:29)
1. Golden Globe Couples
2. Golden Globe Arrivals
3. Knots
4. Celebrity Circuit
5. 2009 Detroit Auto Show

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