Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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The Midwest and Northern Plains are suffering through a one-two punch of wicked winter weather. First came blizzard conditions that brought up to a foot of snow. Now, a blast of freezing arctic air – with record low temperatures – is following on its heels.  Dave Price has the story from Minnesota.


On Capitol Hill today, our correspondents are covering two important hearings. Sharyl Attkisson reported last night that billions of your tax dollars granted to banks as part of the financial bailout weren't used as legislators – and citizens – expected. Tonight, she'll follow up that report by explaining what's being done to assure more “transparency” for the second half of the bailout money. Also: Hillary Clinton, President-elect Barack Obama's choice for secretary of state, appeared for her confirmation hearing. While the tone of the hearing was friendly, Mrs. Clinton still faced serious questioning about possible conflicts of interest she could face in the position, Chip Reid reports.


Looking abroad, I'll have the very latest on the crisis in Gaza. Plus: when Gaza's borders are locked down, and sea ports closed, the only way in or out is … underground. It's an extensive web of 300 tunnels, but now about half are blocked or bombed out. Richard Roth shows us the hidden world deep below the troubled borders.


Also tonight: Disturbing new statistics show millions of Americans say they've been stalked. Sandra Hughes examines how roughly one out of every 100 people say they've become victims.


Finally, continuing our week-long series, Road to the Inauguration, Byron Pitts meets Elizabeth Alexander, the extraordinary American poet who's speaking at Barack Obama's Tuesday ceremony. And writing a poem for Mr. Obama brings her life full-circle. You won't want to miss her story.


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