Thursday, January 15, 2009

ASES Forecast: 37 million U.S. green jobs by 2030

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Friends of ASES,

We're all concerned about the economy these days, so I thought you might appreciate a little good news -- and to hear about a simple way you can help get the economy back on track.

This morning the American Solar Energy Society released the latest update of our groundbreaking study on green jobs.

It's posted at:

The ASES Green Collar Jobs report provides a sector-by-sector analysis of the green economy, the most detailed analysis yet. This report makes it easier to navigate the tremendous opportunities, and challenges, in the rapidly changing renewable energy and energy efficiency industries.

And the potential is huge.

This report forecasts up to 37 million jobs from the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries in the U.S. by 2030 -- but this will only happen with the necessary leadership, research, development, and public policy.

That's where you come it.

First, I hope you'll check out this report so you can see for yourself the huge opportunity in front of all of us.

But there's another important step to turn this information into action.

We need to ensure that every key policy-maker and elected offical -- from the Obama Administration to your State leaders and even the City Council -- is aware of this new analysis and the important role that the green economy must play to get the economy back on track.

Can you please contact your elected officials to tell them about this report and urge them to make growing the green economy a priority this year?

Please let them know they can download this free report at:

This small step will go a long way to creating a sustainable energy economy. Thank you for your help.


Brad Collins
Executive Director,
American Solar Energy Society

PS. You can find the names of your elected officials here.

PPS. The results of this report are powerful. Here are a few of the findings:

·    As many as 37 million jobs can be generated by the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries in the U.S. by 2030 -- more than 17% of all anticipated U.S. employment.

·    The renewable energy industry grew more than three times as fast as the U.S. economy in 2007 (not including hydropower). Renewable energy is also growing more rapidly than the energy efficiency industry, but the energy efficiency industry is currently much larger than the renewable energy industry.

·    Renewable energy and energy efficiency currently provide more than 9 million jobs and $1,045 billion in revenue in the U.S. (2007).  The previous year (2006) renewable energy and energy efficiency represented 8.5 million jobs and $972 billion in revenue.

·    95% of the jobs are in private industry.

·    Hottest sectors include solar thermal, solar photovoltaics, biofuels, and fuel cells (in terms of revenue growth).

·    Hot job areas include electricians, mechanical engineers, welders, metal workers, construction managers, accountants, analysts, environmental scientists, and chemists.  The vast majority of jobs created by the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries are in the same types of roles seen in other industries (accountants, factory workers, IT professionals, etc).

·    Renewable energy and energy efficiency can create millions of well-paying jobs, many of which are not subject to foreign outsourcing. These jobs are in two categories that every state is eager to attract -- college-educated professional workers (many with advanced degrees), and highly skilled technical workers.

·    Renewable energy and energy efficiency industries are already significant economic drivers in Colorado and are well-positioned for future growth. Colorado's efforts provide an important model for other states working to generate new jobs in the New Energy Economy. In 2007 RE/EE generated $10.3 billion in sales and provided over 91,000 jobs in Colorado, accounting for more than 4% of the gross state product. This could grow to as much as $61.5 billion and 613,000 jobs by 2030 with continued leadership, research, development, and policy efforts.

I invite you to read the report. And I hope you will help us get the economy back on track by contacting your elected officials to let them know about this report too. Thanks for your help.

The report is at:

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