Saturday, January 17, 2009

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January 17, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
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Obama Takes Train Ride To History
President-Elect Retraces Lincoln's Route From Philadelphia To Washington On His Way To Inauguration

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Kellogg's Recalls Peanut Butter Products
Company Pulls Keebler, Austin, Famous Amos Cookies And Crackers After Salmonella Contamination Found At Peanut Supplier

 New Surgery For Acid Reflux Sufferers
 No Link Between Cell Phone, Eye Cancer
 Eli Lilly Owes $1.4B Over "Off Label" Use

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Chrysler Finance Arm Gets $1.5B Loan
Automaker Announces 0% Financing; GMAC Also Loosens Lending Standards After Receiving Treasury Funds

 Circuit City To Liquidate All U.S. Stores
 Citigroup Splits Up Struggling Company
 Bank Of America To Get $20B More From Feds

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Bush's Popularity Reaches Historic Lows
CBS News' Kathy Frankovic: Bush Likely To Leave Office As The Least Popular President In Polling History

 Homeowner Bailout Rewards Irresponsibility
 A Nation Looks For Candor At Justice
 Citigroup Doesn't Need Dick Parsons

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Obama's Philadelphia Address (5:34)

Biden's Amtrak Admission (1:15)

The Pilot Who Saved The Day (1:51)

Inauguration In Legos (1:51)

Obama's First Days In Office (3:34)

What To Do In A Plane Crash (2:04)
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Obama's Inaugural Train Ride

Jet Submerged In Frozen River

Sundance 2009 Opens

Day In Pictures

Celebrity Circuit

Plane Down In Hudson
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Tiger Woods Joins Inaugural Events
Golfing Superstar To Speak At Sunday "We Are One" Concert Read More
The Notebook: A Real Hero
There Simply Aren't Enough Adjectives To Describe What Pilot Chesley Sullenberger Did Yesterday Read More
Agreement Aims To Cut Off Hamas Arms
Rice, Israeli Foreign Minister Sign Pact To Help Stop Flow Of Weapons Into Gaza Read More
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1. NTSB: Both Engines Missing In Hudson Crash
2. A Peek At Obama's Inaugural Plan
3. Bush's Final Approval Rating: 22 Percent
4. On Elephant Sanctuary, Unlikely Friends
5. A Few Seconds To Ditch The Plane …
1. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
2. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
3. Miracle On The Hudson (2:29)
4. The Price Of Oil (13:27)
5. Timeline Over The Hudson (8:55)
1. Plane Down In Hudson
2. Celebrity Circuit
3. Day In Pictures
4. Murder In Italy
5. Waxing Presidential

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