Friday, January 16, 2009

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January 16, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
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NYC Jet Passengers Marvel They're Alive
After Crash In Hudson River, Survivors Recall Fear Before Impact And Panic Amid Frigid Water

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Citigroup Splits Up Struggling Company
$8.29B Loss In 4th Quarter Brings Move To Separate Traditional Banking From Riskier Assets

 Bank Of America To Get $20B More From Feds
 Consumer Prices Keep Falling
 Minneapolis' Star Tribune Bankrupt

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American Painter Andrew Wyeth Dies
Gained Wealth, Acclaim And Tremendous Popularity Despite Criticism He Was Merely An Illustrator.

 Sundance Tickets Sell Despite Recession
 "Prisoner" Star Patrick McGoohan Dies
 Ferguson: TV Critics Go Easy On Fallon

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Bush's Popularity Reaches Historic Lows
CBS News' Kathy Frankovic: Bush Likely To Leave Office As The Least Popular President In Polling History

 Homeowner Bailout Rewards Irresponsibility
 A Nation Looks For Candor At Justice
 Citigroup Doesn't Need Dick Parsons

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Timeline Over The Hudson (8:55)

All Survive In Hudson River Plane Crash (5:25)

Hudson Plane Crash Heroes (5:28)

Hospitalized Survivors Speak (3:56)

Hudson Plane Up Close (2:10)

Amanda Knox Goes To Trial (3:59)
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Day In Pictures

Celebrity Circuit

Plane Down In Hudson

Ricardo Montalban

In Royal Circles

Gaza Fighting Rages
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Blago Skipping Obama's Big Day
Impeached Illinois Gov. To Skip Inauguration Because Of Concerns About Being A Distraction Read More
Obama On Israel, Iraq And His Bailout
Eye To Eye: President-Elect Barack Obama Speaks To Katie Couric In An Exclusive Interview Read More
Ahmadinejad Blasts Gaza "Massacre"
Iranian President Urges Israelis To Protest, Says Hamas Doesn't Need Iranian Weapons Read More
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1. Disabled Jet Crashes In Hudson River
2. "Sexting" Shockingly Common Among Teens
3. Pilot Pulls Off "A Miracle On The Hudson"
4. Obama: "Capture Or Kill" Bin Laden
5. On Elephant Sanctuary, Unlikely Friends
1. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
2. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
3. Miracle On The Hudson (2:29)
4. Airbus Jet Crashes Into Hudson (1:04)
5. The Price Of Oil (13:27)
1. Plane Down In Hudson
2. In Royal Circles
3. Celebrity Circuit
4. Day In Pictures
5. Ricardo Montalban

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