Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Thursday, January 15, 2009
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*Details, Details$$zuyzVdE/time23-22

House Democrats are circulating legislation on the Hill Thursday proposing $825 billion in spending and tax cuts to stimulate the economy.
Calls for roughly $275 billion in tax cuts, $90 billion to help states provide health care to the poor, $100 billion for education. <img alt="" border="0" src="$$zuyzVdE/time24-22" />

*The Waxman Cometh$$zuyzVdE/time25-22

Wax Obama doppelgangers are unveiled at Madame Tussauds museums across the U.S. and Europe Thursday.
In Amsterdam, President Bush was booted to the sidewalk, complete with baggage. <img alt="" border="0" src="$$zuyzVdE/time26-22" />

*Clinton Wins Near-Unanimous Panel Nod$$zuyzVdE/time27-22

The Foreign Relations Committee votes 16-1 to recommend the New York Senator as the next secretary of state.
Louisiana Sen. Vitter-- who expressed concern about Bill Clinton's fundraising overseas posing a conflict of interest-- opposed.
Paves way for full Senate vote after the inauguration.
<img alt="" border="0" src="$$zuyzVdE/time28-22" />

*Biden Says Goodbye$$zuyzVdE/time29-22

The VP-elect delivers farewell remarks to his colleagues on the Senate floor Thursday, recalls the first time he stepped into Senate chambers.
Clinton is expected to speak as well at 11 am ET. <img alt="" border="0" src="$$zuyzVdE/time30-22" />

*IT'S HOLDER'S TURN$$zuyzVdE/time31-22

Obama's attorney general-designate speaks takes questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee NOW in his confirmation hearing. Watch live here.
Holder vows to work to improve the Justice Department's fight against terrorism, restore the department's credibility and wage an aggressive fight against financial fraud. In break from Bush stance, says "waterboarding is torture."
Was introduced by recently retired [...]<img alt="" border="0" src="$$zuyzVdE/time32-22" />


The Washington Post's piece about the Congressional struggle to approve the rest of the $350B bank bailout bill has this revelatory nugget:
"The Republican base hates this. So a lot of people are saying why anger the base in the name of good policy when it's going to happen anyway?" said Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah), [...]<img alt="" border="0" src="$$zuyzVdE/time35-22" />
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$$zuyzVdE/time36-22

1.Obama's Permanent Grass-Roots Campaign$$zuyzVdE/time37-22

2.Senate Could Grill Holder From Both Sides$$zuyzVdE/time38-22

3.Mexico Media on High Alert After Attack on Televisa$$zuyzVdE/time39-22


Prostitution should be legal.$$zuyzVdE/time41-22

Candidate and Issue Guide$$zuyzVdE/time42-22


U.S. Economy$$zuyzVdE/time44-22


Wall Street$$zuyzVdE/time46-22

In This Week's Issue$$zuyzVdE/time47-22

Table of Contents

*Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?$$zuyzVdE/time48-22

*Great Movie Performances$$zuyzVdE/time49-22

*The Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder$$zuyzVdE/time50-22

*The Compelling Case For Big Government$$zuyzVdE/time51-22

*E-Waste Not$$zuyzVdE/time52-22

*What's Cooking? Bacon, For Dessert$$zuyzVdE/time53-22

*Can Apple Survive Without Jobs?$$zuyzVdE/time54-22

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