Thursday, January 15, 2009

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January 15, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
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Holder Calls Waterboarding Torture
Obama's Attorney General Pick Faces Contentious Confirmation Hearing

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Fed: Economy Weaker, Outlook Dim
Central Bank Sees Recession Ripple Effect, Signals Interest Rates Will Stay At Record-Low Levels

 Report: Bank Of America To Get More Aid
 Retail Sales Take December Plunge
 Motorola To Hang Up On 7,000 Workers

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Dangers Of Teen 'Sex-ting' (3:12)

Eye To Eye: Obama Presidency (4:01)

Steve Jobs On Medical Leave (1:59)

Separating Conjoined Twins (5:52)

Go With (Or Without) God (1:54)

Blue Christmas For Retailers (2:45)
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Day In Pictures

Celebrity Circuit

In Royal Circles

Gaza Fighting Rages

The Stork Club

2009 Detroit Auto Show
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Photos Of The President At The Supreme Court
Obama And Biden's Visit With Chief Justice John Roberts And The Other Justices Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Bin Laden Returns
In A Purported New Audio Tape, Osama Bin Laden Urges Jihad Against Israel Read More
God Doesn't Ride London Buses
Atheist Campaign Gets 800 Ads Posted On London Transport Urging People To "Stop Worrying" Read More
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2. Did Speculation Fuel Oil Price Swings?
3. On Elephant Sanctuary, Unlikely Friends
4. Obama: "Capture Or Kill" Bin Laden
5. Spaghetti Meal With Twist And On The Cheap
1. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
2. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
3. The Price Of Oil (13:27)
4. Bin Laden Taunts U.S. (1:34)
5. Evening News Online, 01.14.09 (21:16)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Day In Pictures
3. Knots
4. Celebrity Circuit
5. In Royal Circles

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