Monday, January 12, 2009

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Hi everyone. I hope you had a great weekend.


It's the first day of the last full week of Mr. Bush's presidency. And he kicked off the week with his final press conference. The president grew nostalgic as he reflected on his eight years in office, but also grew a little feisty as he defended his administration’s response to various crises and his record in the war on terror. We'll show you the highlights.


From there, we'll turn abroad. With the conflict in Gaza in its 17th day, Israeli ground forces edged closer to the urban center of Gaza City as warplanes pounded Hamas leaders' homes. Now, Israel is trying to decide whether to wind the operation down soon – or accelerate. Mark Phillips has the latest.


Hundreds of billions in bailout money – where did your tax dollars actually go? Sharyl Attkisson digs deep into the story – and what she discovered about the process, in which some banks won big while others lost out, may surprise many of you. Our CBS News investigation Follows the Money tonight.


While U.S. automakers are still trying to stay financially stable, at the annual North American International Auto show this week in Detroit, they're seeing lots and lots of green. No, not money, but energy-efficient technology. Anthony Mason shows us some of the top auto innovations this year.


As a special feature this week, we're ending every broadcast with a piece that looks ahead to – and shares some insight on – Inauguration Day. Tonight, Michelle Miller introduces one man who was helping to break racial barriers long before Barack Obama was even born. Now he's heading to Washington to welcome our country's first black president into office.


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Katie Couric


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