Monday, January 12, 2009

10 Most Popular Stories of the Week

10 Most Popular Stories from
Monday, January 12, 2009

1.Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?
By Tim McGirk / Jerusalem
The assault, no matter how it ends, will not ease the Jewish stat
e's existential anxiety. Peace, not war, is its only hope$zuyzVq4/time1-22

2.The Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder
By John Cloud / Seattle
People with borderline personality disorder are some of psycholog
y's hardest cases. Many commit suicide. But recent treatment adva
nces are unlocking what was once a mystery illness$zuyzVq4/time2-22

3.Sharks Rampage in Australia
By Rory Callinan
An unusual series of shark attacks, one fatal, reignites debate o
ver the country's efforts to preserve shark populations$zuyzVq4/time3-22

4.The Bush Administration's Most Despicable Act
By Joe Klein
Bush's sanctioning of torture was his most callous, despicable ac
t. It should be his lasting legacy$zuyzVq4/time4-22

5.Why Are Deer Being Smuggled into Texas?
By Hilary Hylton / Austin
The hunting industry is going for more trophy-worthy prey, prompt
ing some to import illegal stock -- along with the threat of dise

6.Why I Would Vote No On Pot
By Sanjay Gupta$zuyzVq4/time6-22

7.The Great California Fiscal Earthquake
By Kristin Kloberdanz / Modesto
The state is facing a gigantic deficit, and life in the country's
richest and most populous state isn't going to be the same$zuyzVq4/time7-22

8.Where Has Bernie Madoff Buried His Loot?
By Robert Chew
The government guesses Madoff's liquid assets to be $850 million,
but he could have hidden money$zuyzVq4/time8-22

9.The Truth About Women, Money and Relationships
By Andrea Sachs
Editor Hillary Black explores the mysteries of women and money in
her new anthology, The Secret C
urrency of Love: The Unabashed Truth about Women, Money, and Rela

10.The Milky Way: Bigger, Faster, Better Understood
By Danielle Dowling
A clutch of recent studies reveal more about our home galaxy than
scientists previously knew$zuyzVq4/time10-22

Pictures of the Week$zuyzVq4/time11-22

GriefColleagues of Israeli army Staff Sgt. Alex Mashavisky, kille
d during combat in Gaza, mourn over his grave during his funeral
in eer Sheva, Israel.

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*The Compelling Case For Big Government$zuyzVq4/time20-22
*E-Waste Not$zuyzVq4/time21-22
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