Friday, January 9, 2009

VOA Africa News Summary - News from Voice of America

Here are today's top stories from VOA Africa.

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Jean Ping (file photo) African Union Will Sanction Guinea Unless Elections are Held Quickly  Audio Clip Available
Commission Chairman Jean Ping meets with coup leaders following last month's funeral for long-time Guinean president Lansana Conte

Somalia and Gulf of Aden Over 50,000 People Hire Smugglers to Cross Gulf of Aden in 2008  Audio Clip Available
Most are Somalis feeling humanitarian crisis

UN Special envoy for the Democratic Republic of Congo conflict, Olusegun Obasanjo gives a press briefing in Nairobi, 10 Dec 2008 UN Envoy Obasanjo Continues Congo Mediation Trip  Audio Clip Available
Former Nigerian president's visit to Kinshasa, Goma and Kigali aimed at ending violence that has killed hundreds of people and displaced one-quarter million in past four months

Women cast their votes in Abuja, Nigeria Nigerian Opposition Says Ghana Polls Fine Example for Nigeria
Flawed elections since Nigeria's return to civil democracy in 1999 have seriously eroded credibility of country's electoral process, raised questions about future of democracy there

Human Rights Watch's map of Ethiopia and Somali Regional State Ethiopia Restricts Rights Defenders, Civil Society Groups,and Foreign Funded NGO's  Audio Clip Available
US, human rights organizations voice concern that Ethiopian law signals new crackdown on political opposition

Nigerian Entrepreneur Succeeds Despite Current Economic Downturn  Audio Clip Available
Samuel Adegbile explains how he successfully started a car dealership in Washington, DC.

Rose Kabuye is pictured on 7 Nov. 2008 during an emergency summit in Nairobi aimed at restoring stability in the conflict-torn eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Indicted Rwanda Diplomat Returns to France to Face Charges  Audio Clip Available
The Rwandan diplomat accused of being complicit in the death of assassinated President Juvenal Habyarimana is expected to arrive France Friday to appear in court.

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