Sunday, November 9, 2008

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Sunday, November 09, 2008
Yahoo's Flickr Sees Big Traffic Boost from Obama Shots
The President-Elect Captured Backstage At Victory Speech
Yahoo, Politics, Flickr...
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Would Twitter Turn to Paid Profiles For Businesses?
Twitter to Charge for Commercial Use?
Social Media, marketing, Evan Williams...
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Google CEO And Obama Get Cracking On Economy
Dotcom Bust Treasury Secretary, too
Search, Google, Financial...
Simplicity and Search Quality Go Hand in Hand
Google Researcher Looks at Search Habits
Search, Google, advanced search...
New Report Documents Insanely Long Tail Of Search
Think telescopes, observatories
Search, long tail, Hitwise...
Jupitermedia Reports Earnings Are Down
Company still growing
Financial, Getty Images, Alan Meckler...
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Ballmer (Yet Again) Rejects Idea Of Yahoo Acquisition
Shareholders take him seriously
Deals, Yahoo, Steve Ballmer...
Search Ads Vs. Display Ads?
How About Search Ads AND Display Ads
Advertising, AdWords, search engine advertising...
Five Ways To Boost Google Product Search Sales
Tips Straight From the Google's Mouth
Google, google product search, Tips...
Google Makes it Easier To Get Found in Product Search
Adds "Data Quality" Feature
Google, google base, Online Retail...
Eight Reasons the Internet has Changed Politics Forever
Obama played the Internet better and as a result he won!
Advertising, Social Media, Politics...
7 Lessons on Holiday Social Media Marketing
Courtesy of Lowe's and YouTube
Social Media, YouTube, lowe's...
YouTube Takes Their Embedded Videos More Seriously
Aims To Keep Viewers Viewing
Google, YouTube, online video...
Ballmer: Android Does Not Compute
Google, Android, Steve Ballmer...
Obama's Goes Live
Jobs, Visions, Stories welcome
Social Media, Politics,
Craigslist To Get Tough On Sex Ads
Requiring verification
Technology, Legal, Craigslist...
Tips for Optimizing Your AdSense
Google Begins Video Series
Advertising, Google, search engine advertising...
Check Your Pulse with Twellow
New Feature To Keep You Up to Date
Social Media, Twellow, WebProNews...
Layoffs Strike Again
LinkedIn, Veoh, and Twitter-using Zappos
personnel, Twitter, LinkedIn...
Report: YouTube To Offer Feature Films
Google plays coy
Social Media, Google, YouTube...
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The Difference in Holiday Growth: Online and Off
Hitwise Has the Data, I have the Speculation
studies, online shopping, Research...
Hackers Buying AdWords Now?
Obama ad leads to virus download
Search, Advertising, Google...
Advertisers to Use Banners Less?
I'm Not So Sure That's A Great Idea
Advertising, Google, studies...
iPhone Customers Most Satisfied
ease of use cited
Technology, Blackberry, Apple...
1 comment
Yang Revives Talk Of Microsoft Acquisition
Flesh wound mentality
Yahoo, Microsoft-Yahoo Deal, Microsoft...
Bad News Blogging Can Be Good For Business
Openness is a good thing. Really.
Social Media, Corporate Communication, blogging...
Google To Go On Trial In Italy
Faces defamation charges
Google, Legal, Italy...
Yahoo News Top Web Site On Election Day
CNN leading TV site
Social Media, Google, Yahoo...
News Corp Posts Disappointing Financial Results
MySpace, are bright spots
Financial, News Corp, Rupert Murdoch...
Should Online Newspaper Content Be Free?
Or Are Some Publications Worth Paying For?
Advertising, Online Newspapers, Wall Street Journal...
LinkedIn Users Make More Money
Majority decision makers
Technology, Social Media, LinkedIn...
Google Docs Petition Calls for White House Garden
Google Highlights It
Google, Google Docs, petitions...
The Internet Helps To Shape the Election
Marketing, Content, Discussion, and Tools
Politics, Elections, McCain...
Election To Impact Indian Outsourcing?
Some Worried About Obama's Stance
Technology, India, information technology...
MySpace Sees Big Numbers On Election Night
Registers 300,000 voters
Technology, Social Media, MySpace...
Google Still Hiring, Yang Staying At Yahoo
Myths busted (for better or for worse)
Google, Yahoo, Jerry Yang...
Scattered IAC Financial Results Earn Applause
Recovery from breakup going better than expected
Financial, IAC, Ask...
Yahoo's Decker On Google Deal and Company's Future
Questionable Optimism Met with Criticism
Google, Yahoo, Search...
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Election 2008: Setting the Bar
Election 2008: Setting the Bar
This election period has made history in several different areas. We're not going to rehash all of them since media outlets have already outdone themselves covering that aspect of the election.

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Things Are Looking Up For MySpace
Wow, something's up here—this is the second time this week we've written about MySpace. The granddaddy of ...
Women's Online Habits Study

YouTube To Stream Full-Length Feature Films

Yahoo Back To Bargaining With Microsoft
Internet Demographics

MTV To Profit From Pirated MySpace Videos

Yahoo Gets Boost In Traffic From Election
Apple And Microsoft Earnings Are Near Equal Helps Users With Election Poll Times

Video Search To Use Internal Content

Save Big on Planet Planet Alpha Servers
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LinkedIn Layoffs Imminent
Study: Fortune 500 Doesn't Get SEO Search Engine Land
MySpace Moves to Solve Copyright Issues Wall Street Journal
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