Friday, January 9, 2009

CBS News Sunday Morning: Guilt


Friday, Jan. 9, 2009

Have you already closeted that Thigh Master? Given up on all your New Year’s resolutions? Chances are you’re not the only one who’s thrown in the towel. But let’s face it -- we’re less than two weeks into the New Year! So, you’re probably feeling a little guilty. That guilt can be both good and bad for you. In this week’s Sunday Morning cover story, correspondent Seth Doane examines the complexity of guilt.


Some people feel no guilt when it comes to spending money, especially if it’s for a wedding. Correspondent Tracy Smith looks at modern day nuptials through the pages of Brides magazine which is doing a little celebrating of its own, its 75th anniversary.


A wedding is certainly an historic moment in most people’s lives. Some are remembered fondly and some are not. The same could be said of presidencies. Correspondent Thalia Assuras assembles historians and administration officials to reflect on the presidency of George W. Bush.


Glenn Close has established a legacy in Hollywood and now on television as a superb actress. Correspondent Anthony Mason catches up with the five-time Oscar nominee and Emmy winner on the set of her new television series, “Damages.”


Polo has always been seen as a rich man’s game played on manicured lawns with perfectly groomed horses. But Bill Geist has found a variation of the game that requires different mounts, in this case elephants. Geist follows the exploits of America’s Team, the New York Blues, as they travel to Nepal for the Super Bowl of Elephant Polo.


Those stories and much more this Sunday Morning.


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