Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Saturday, January 10, 2009
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The embattled Illinois Governor reacts to his impeachment by pointing a finger at the House, says they've had it out for him since he got re-elected.
In a strange and rambling media avail, he touts his record as governor, says the legislature wants to oust him because of his policy agenda.
"I'm confident at the end [...]

*Illinois Politicans Call on Blago to Step Down$$zuyzVUk/time24-22

Lt. Gov. Quinn says he wishes the governor had announced his resignation Friday, he's lost the confidence of the people and consent of the governed.
Adds Blago "needs to realize there are times in one's life where you have to put your country first."
Plus: Illinois' senior Senator Durbin releases a statement urging Blago to remove himself [...]

*Report: Stimulus Bill Could Be Introduced Monday$$zuyzVUk/time25-22

ABC News: Obama transition team hopes to introduce the legislation on Capitol Hill next week, perhaps as soon as Monday.
The House will likely hold hearings on the plan next week with markups taking place the Wednesday or Thursday after the inauguration.
Could come to a vote during the week of January 26, with the Senate voting [...]

*Illinois Supreme Court: No Signature Needed for Burris$$zuyzVUk/time26-22

The state's high court rejects Burris' effort to compel Secretary of State White to sign his certification of appointment in a ruling Friday.
Says the secretary's sole responsibility was to register the appointment, which he did.
U.S. Senate leaders cited the lack of White's signature as a reason not to allow Burris into Congress earlier this week. [...]

*Biden to Leave Senate Thursday$$zuyzVUk/time27-22

The VP-elect will step down from the Senate next week after 36 years.
Longtime adviser Ted Kaufman will take over the seat for two years.

*Why Magazines Will Never Die$$zuyzVUk/time29-22

The story is called "The City Where the Sirens Never Sleep." It is about Detroit. It is written by Matt Labash of the Weekly Standard. Read it here.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$$zuyzVUk/time30-22

1.First Person: Living in Gaza, Under Starlight and Bomb Blasts$$zuyzVUk/time31-22

2.How Will Blagojevich Defend Himself in Court?$$zuyzVUk/time32-22

3.Raiding the Polygamists: An Eldorado North of the Border$$zuyzVUk/time33-22


Prostitution should be legal.$$zuyzVUk/time35-22

Candidate and Issue Guide$$zuyzVUk/time36-22


U.S. Economy$$zuyzVUk/time38-22


Wall Street$$zuyzVUk/time40-22

In This Week's Issue$$zuyzVUk/time41-22

Table of Contents

*Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?$$zuyzVUk/time42-22

*Great Movie Performances$$zuyzVUk/time43-22

*Minds on The Edge$$zuyzVUk/time44-22

*The Case for Bigger Government$$zuyzVUk/time45-22

*E-Waste Not$$zuyzVUk/time46-22

*Bacon for Dessert.$$zuyzVUk/time47-22

*Can Apple Survive Without Jobs?$$zuyzVUk/time48-22

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