Thursday, January 8, 2009

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January 8, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
Hamas Rejects Egypt's Cease-Fire Plan
Truce Deemed "Risky For The Palestinian Resistance;" Aid Worker For U.N. Killed

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Stuart Smalley Saves The Senate!
MarketWatch Media Columnist Talks About Covering Funnyman Al Franken's Political Future

  Let's Stop The Bailouts, Already
 The Polling Challenges For 2009
 Israel Needs To Be Allowed To Win

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Wild Western Storm (1:37)

Watch Phone Unveiled At CES (4:01)

Winter Wildfires Scorch Colo. (1:14)

Brad Comes To Jen's Rescue (2:59)

People's Choice Awards Fashion (2:51)

Jobless Reality Comes In Focus (6:54)
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News In A Snap

Celebrity Circuit

Washington Water Woes

Gaza Clashes' Heavy Toll

On The Red Carpet

Backstage At People's Choice
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Obama Economic Speech Transcript
President-Elect Announces Details Of "Recovery And Reinvestment Plan" Read More
Making Brad Pitt Into Benjamin: How They Did It
Director David Fincher Explains The Making Of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" Read More
Syrians Voice Anger Over Gaza
Hundreds Of Thousands March Through Damascus Denouncing Israeli "Killing Policy" Read More
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4. After Brief Pause, Gaza Fighting Rages
5. Unemployment Claims Crash System
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3. Ann Coulter's 'Guilty' (6:51)
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1. Celebrity Circuit
2. '09 Palm Springs Film Festival
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4. Celebrity Circuit
5. The Stork Club

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