Friday, January 9, 2009

Erica Hill: Delicious foods on tighter and tighter shoestrings

Jan. 9, 2008
Happy Friday, everyone!
The end of your workweek means a fantastic Saturday morning is just hours away, and there's only one place to find it: The Early Show on CBS.

It's going to be a yummy start to the weekend – but I promise these goodies won't leave you broke. Last week, we dropped the budget for our "Chef  on a Shoestring" to $35, and this week, we've got a new challenge: "How Low Can You Go?" That's right, a healthy competition among the folks who grace our kitchen each week. Of course, the real winner will be YOU!


You may be feeling the effects of all the holiday goodies you indulged in over the past month, and if you're like me, that's enough to make you feel downright mopey and blue. January can be tough, and not just when you step on the scale. The holidays are over, the bills are coming in, the weather is crummy (to put it mildly!) but, for many people, the "winter blues" don't have anything to do with the seasons. Depression is serious and isn't something to ignore. Maybe you think it's just a case of the post-holiday blues, but you or someone you know may be suffering from depression. We'll help you recognize the signs of depression, and let you know how to get help -- even if you've lost your job and health insurance.


Depression and stress often go hand-in-hand, and the No. 1 cause of stress is MONEY. We're all worried about our finances, and making sure we hold onto the money we have. This Saturday, Ray Martin is back to tell us the safest places to save and invest our money in 2009 (hint: not under your mattress!).


Also on deck, country singer Phil Vassar in our Second Cup Café, an Oscar preview with Hollywood watcher Tom O'Neill, and the inside scoop on repairing your online reputation. You may not even know what's floating out there in cyberspace about you, but chances are, there's something you'd like to squash -- our expert tells you how.


And celebrity blogger Perez Hilton will be in our studio with all the dirt for 2009.


See you tomorrow, bright and EARLY!




Erica Hill

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