Friday, January 9, 2009

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January 9, 2009 | Morning Edition
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Israeli Jets Continue To Punish Gaza
Hamas Launches Rockets As Cease-Fire Attempts By U.N. Fall Flat

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U.S. To Lead Anti-Piracy Naval Patrols
International Force To Focus On Somali Pirates, Whose Attacks Are More Frequent And Increasingly Brazen

 Girl Dies In Costa Rica Quake
 Hamas Rejects Egypt's Cease-Fire Plan
 U.N. Halts Aid To Gaza After Worker Killed

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Senate Democrats Criticize Obama Tax Plan
Members Of President-Elect's Party Say Proposed Tax Cuts Wouldn't Stimulate Economy In Significant Way

 Obama Unveils Ambitious Economic Agenda
 Ill. House Panel Says Impeach Blago
 Burris Says There Was No Quid Pro Quo

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Time For A Torture Commission
Andrew Cohen: Americans - And The World - Deserve Full Accounting Of Past Torture Policies

 Stuart Smalley Saves The Senate!
  Let's Stop The Bailouts, Already
 The Polling Challenges For 2009

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8 Years Of 'Bushisms' (2:26)

D.C. Wavers On Obama Stimulus (4:39)

Palin Strikes Back, Again (5:38)

Obama: Economy Could Get Worse (2:26)

Working Towards A Cease-Fire (2:10)

Cashing In on YouTube (2:33)
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News In A Snap

Celebrity Circuit

People's Choice Scene Stealers

Washington Water Woes

Celebrity Circuit

Week in Sports: Jan. 2-Jan. 8
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Palin Rips Into Media Coverage Of Her Campaign
Former Republican VP Nominee Participates In Documentary In Wasilla Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: "Dear John Doe"
The U.S. Army Recently Sent Letters To 7,000 Family Members Of Servicemembers Who Lost Their Lives ... Read More
Biden In Pakistan To Talk Terror
Coincidence? VP-Elect Arrives To Meet Leaders Hours After Confirmation 2 Top Militants Killed Read More
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5. Washington Water Woes

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