Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take Action: Flood Congress with Emails

Palestine Human Rights

Dear Global Exchange Supporter,
For the past 13 days, Israel has undertaken a massive air and ground offensive on the Gaza Strip. These attacks have killed 640 and injured over 3,000 Palestinians in Gaza. Hamas rockets launched into Israel have killed nine Israelis.

The Senate is now considering a resolution that places the blame for the current violence entirely on Hamas, offers unconditional support to Israel, and tacitly endorses the continued bombing of Gazan civilians. We cannot let this bill pass!
While we condemn the use of violence on both sides, the continued Israeli occupation and collective punishment of the Palestinian people stand at the root of the conflict.

The Israeli government should be held accountable--not given carte blanche to continue its brutal attacks.
Take action NOW to flood Congress with emails, and make your opposition heard

Learn more about the current AIPAC Resolution in the Senate.

Learn more about the current crisis at The Huffington Post.

Get ongoing coverage of Gaza at Electronic Intifada.

Thank you, as always, for your work on behalf of peace & justice.
Global Exchange

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