Sunday, January 11, 2009

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January 11, 2009 | Afternoon Edition
Top Stories
Burris: By "Whatever Means Necessary"
Senate Appointee Distances Himself From Impeached Gov., Paraphrases Malcolm X In Asserting His Right To Obama's Seat

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Remembrances Of Inaugurations Past
His 12th Inauguration Reminds Bob Schieffer Of His First, And Of A Cup Of Coffee 40 Years Ago

 Obama Is Not Doing Enough
 Gaza And Diplomacy
 Bad Beltwa! y Medicine

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Face The Nation, 1.11.09 (24:46)

Burris Responds to Controversy (13:35)

The Bush Legacy (10:14)

Analyzing Obama's Tax Plan (7:05)

No End To Gaza Violence (2:03)

Obama Pushes Stimulus Package (2:04)
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Day In Pictures

Celebrity Circuit

Rod Blagojevich

Critics Choice Awards

Gaza Clashes' Heavy Toll

CES Unveiled
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Durbin Wants To "Be Fair" With Burris
Says Papers Submitted By Senate Appointee Were "Different" And Need Special Examination Before Decision Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Food Fight
The Nationwide Budget Crunch Is Having A Big Impact On School Lunches Read More
Hamas Rejects Int'l Observers In Gaza
Says U.N. Security Council Resolution On Cease-Fire Falls Short Of Protecting Palestinians' "National Interests" Read More
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2. Stolen Beauty
3. Beginning To Look At The Bush Legacy
4. Bush Rejected Israeli Plea To Raid Iran
5. 5 Somalis Drown With Pirate Booty
1. The Animal Odd Couple (2:44)
2. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
3. Evening News Online, 01.09.09 (20:53)
4. The Price Of Oil (2:51)
5. Palin Strikes Back, Again (5:38)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Day In Pictures
3. CES Unveiled
4. Rod Blagojevich
5. Critics' Choice Red Carpet

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