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New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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Have Your Very Own Coolio In The Kitchen

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 08:47 AM CST

Cook Alongside the Rapper With His Online Show

Ever wondered how much of a whizz Coolio is in the Celebrity Big Brother House? Well worry no more – because we’ve tracked down proof of his culinary skills, including the Turkey Special that the housemates had cooked up for them at the start of the week.

Cookin With Coolio, an internet based cookery show is hosted on My Damn Channel, and promises to dish up a delicatessen of delights for the home chef ready for Gourmet Paradise.

Jamie and Gordon better watch out!

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Canary Wharf Creates Ghosts At Home

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 08:34 AM CST

Someone’s used a lot of physics to understand the double image on their TV

The problem will disappear at the digital switchover (and the country will need to be educated about MPEG-2 compression errors), but ghosting on a TV is something we are all familiar with. Thanks to reflections from the natural land and artificial constructions, two TV signals are received and displayed on the screen.

With some physics, you can work out the time difference, and where the likely boundary edge is for that obstacle, which is what the boys at Frisnit have done. From their South London home, the worked out where the big refelctor could be on a map, to deduce what was upsetting their view of Match of the Day.

They’re in South London, Something big that reflects? Canary Wharf?

Yep, the physics proves it. Although right at the end of the article the author did comment that "a quick glance out of the window in this direction…would have saved me a lot of time…)"

Head over to for the full gory details.

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There’s Probably No God, But There Is A Bus…

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 07:58 AM CST

You wait ages for an atheist on a bus…

"…and then 800 come along at one," comments Ariane Sherine as posters proclaiming the first athesit advertising campaign to hit London Transport. With the famous red buses of London carrying their message around the capital’s streets, is it time for people to be happy with life?

There’s probably no God. So stop worrying and enjoy your life

Sherine started the campaign to get the poster on a single bus after seeing a similar message for Christianity. Going online and hoping to raise £5,000, to date the campaign has raised £135,000 including a £5,500 donation from leading atheist Richard Dawkins.

Thanks to the funds, the single London Bus has explanded to 800 over the country, including public transport in Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, York, Manchester and Leeds.

(Hat tip to The Times).

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Moo! LOLCows Are Here

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 07:45 AM CST

Internet Meme Crossed with Farmers Weekly provides the fun.

You know when you see a picture and you just have to wait for it to be published so you can do something nice with it? Well Adam Tinworth is finally happy.

He’s been waiting for a rather nice picture of a Cow and a Kitten playing together to be published by Tim Relf as (a) it was rather cute and (b) it was perfect for a LOL Cat caption (an internet phenomenon with cats and captions pushed together with hilarious consequences).

But I think we can finally get a decent British version here.

Who’s for LOLCows?

(Hat tip to Adam Tinworth).

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Ross Is Back On TV On January 23rd

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 03:56 AM CST

Jonathan Ross is set to return to BBC and his normal slot on January 23rd

After the cold call and then the ridiculous manhunt that saw Russell Brand quit and Jonathan Ross suspended, Ross is back.

Ross or as he will now be referred to, @wossy, told us followers on twitter:

“in response to faq, am back on tv jan 23rd, radio 24th”

He is also going around and “outing” fake celebrities on the social network:

It’s not (Jeremy) Clarkson. He responded with the very straightforward “Not on Twitter”. Unlike me he has more important things to do !!

Just got off the phone with Jack dee. Current jack Dee on twitter is NOT bloke off the telly.

I’ll ask Brand And Gervais if they twitter tomorrow.

Good old Wossy, getting us closer to our TV hero’s and getting rid of all the fakers.

Welcome back JR, we salute you.

Picture curtesy of TwitPic and Jonathan Ross

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Breaking News - Kevin Pietersen Has Quit As England Captain

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 03:13 AM CST

Kevin Pietersen has sensationally quit his role as England cricket captain

Sky sources are telling us that Kevin Pietersen has resigned as England Captain after his recent public spat with England coach Peter Moores.

An emergency summit of the 12-man England and Wales Cricket Board was held on Tuesday night to discuss the rift between the pair and further talks are being held on today.

Reports suggest the ECB could dismiss both men.  It seems KP has decided to jump before being told to.

More news as soon as we have it..

Who should replace KP?

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Cloughie Junior In At Derby

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 02:14 AM CST

Nigel Clough has followed in his dad’s footsteps by taking the reigns of Derby County, marking his first foray into league management after a decade managing non-league Burton Albion.

Nigel’s father, the legendary Brian Clough, took the Rams from the old Second Division to become champions of England and European Cup semi-finalists during his spell in charge between 1967 and 1973.

”This is a fantastic opportunity for me and one that I relish,” 42-year-old Clough told Derby’s official website. ”I know the club inside out. It has always had a special place in mine and my family’s heart, and I know that this is one of the most exciting jobs in football.

”Derby County has everything - tremendous support, a first-class stadium, magnificent trailing facilities and an ambitious ownership group looking to grow the club even further.

”Also, we have a terrific squad of players already here and I can’t wait to start working with them. This is going to be a tremendous challenge.”

Derby chairman Adam Pearson believes he has the right man, despite Clough’s relative lack of top level experience:

”Nigel is the ideal choice at this time. It is going to be a great challenge for him and all of us at Derby County but one that we are all looking forward to. His track record at Burton is top-drawer and he has improved their standing every season he has been at the club, along with being an excellent man manager.

”It is that kind of progress we are looking for now - someone to grow with the club and lead us in the long term towards success. We have a great squad of players here and Nigel is capable of getting the very best out of them and playing a style of football the supporters want to see.

”Also, he understands this football club and what it means to the people of Derby better than anyone else in the game.”

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Premier League Transfer Rumours - 1.7.09

Posted: 07 Jan 2009 02:07 AM CST

During the transfer window, we’ll be bringing you the latest transfer gossip and our thoughts on any potential blockbuster deals.

Manchester United are set to offload Carlos Tevez after the striker admitted he would love to play for Real Madrid. (The Sun)

The Daily Dust says: Unlikely, Tevez does a great job - similar to Rooney - in turning a 4-4-2 into a 4-5-1 by dropping deep and helping out the midfield. Unless finances prove to be a stumbling block, CT is staying at United.

Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin is on standby for a £12m move to Arsenal from Zenit St Petersburg. (The Sun)

The Daily Dust says: Just a few months after the club wanted 20 million from Spurs? Harsh, and probably not true. Bet on Arshavin going to Arsenal, although it will be for an ‘undisclosed fee’. He’ll slot into the support striker/Pires-role that Wenger loves, especially with the injuries to the likes of Rosicky. Not at all a Wenger signing though (old, experienced), so very interesting…

Wigan boss Steve Bruce will sell striker Henri Camara to Stoke for £1m as a soon as the Latics tie up a deal for Colombia forward Hugo Rodallega, who is set to arrive to discuss a £4.5m move from Mexican club Necaxa this week. (Daily Mail)

The Daily Dust says: Bit of a roll of the dice on a rather unknown Columbian, but Bruce has actually done surprisingly well with these types (Valencia, anyone?)

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has failed to land Middlesbrough winger Stewart Downing with a £14.5m bid. (The Sun)

The Daily Dust says: Incredible that Spurs are linked with Downing through 3-4 different managers, is it lazy journos or someone at the top of the club with a slight obsession? Downing for 15 million looks a lot like Bentley for 15 million.

Credit to the BBC’s fine gossip page for the rumours.

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Celebrity Big Brother Live - Ben Is Saved By Housemates

Posted: 06 Jan 2009 05:01 PM CST

Watch Live as we reveal what happens on Celebrity Big Brother LIVE

To watch this live, the most recent updates will be at the top, scroll to the bottom for the full story, forgive spelling:-

11.34pm - Well that is that, what a let down, quick finish to a show that failed to deliver.  None in and none out.let’s hope the producers are reading this!  Goodnight from us, more tomorrow.

11.33pm - Terry must be feeling greeeeat right now!

11.32pm - Verne fails to stand but votes Ben..Ben is safe, Ulrika and Lucy go into Fridays eviction

11.31pm - Mutya votes Lucy, Tina votes Ulrika, Tommy votes Ben too

11.31pm - Coolio, LaToya and Michelle all vote Ben

11.30pm - I guess the twist is that the three nominated to go are watching secretly..yawn

11.28pm - Housemates now must decide who to save from Fridays eviction, leaving just two..what a let down

11.26pm - Housemates must remain silent, now they are being told who has been nominated and why, Terry will be the anti-christ!

11.25pm - Each housemate to get a card and pen…..they are going to have to nominate one of the three, that is for sure

11.24pm - Terry has to collect a basket..WTF

11.24pm - Ulrika seems more afriad of being trapped with Lucy than anything else

11.23pm - They have to go to a room and sit on their own chairs until told further, they all look stunned..

11.22pm - “This is Big Brother, will Ulrika , Lucy and Ben come to the Diary room” - here goes

11.18pm - Sorry for the lack of typing…sod all is happening, let’s hope the advert break will furnish us with some decent coverage..we think Coolio may get the boot, if the housemates can decide that is..

11.11pm - Coolio is boasting about stealing things and Michelle is pissed off with him, she is crying in the diary room..and yet seems so fake

11.09pm - Davina has revealed, the house are evicting someone…not Terry…hmm

11.06pm - Waiting for the fun to start, hmm time for tea

11.03pm - Nearly time to go live..

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