Monday, January 5, 2009

Naming Your Baby is a Tripp

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January 05, 2009 - Newsletter

Naming Your Baby is a "Tripp"

Laugh if you like at Bristol Palin giving Sarah's first grandchild a name like, "Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston." The truth is, no matter what moniker you choose, there is bound to be someone, somewhere ready to poke fun. So let them. Whatever you call your little one, he or she will be calling you "Mom." And nothing could be sweeter. Make 2009 your time.

  • Find baby-naming inspiration and share yours.
  • Be a resolute mom and make life simpler!
  • Let a sweet "tail" warm your heart

  • Happy New Year!

    Ylonda Caviness
    Senior Producer | Pregnancy & Parenting

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