Thursday, January 1, 2009

From Eric and Mary

From Eric and Mary
I am delighted to write to you. My name is Eric Allen, I am sorry if this
mail will come to you as an embarrassment or a surprise, I just
felt like empting myself to you,I decided to confide in you, as am faceing
with total frustration and helpless.

My Ernest prayer is that you find this mail in good health and blessings.
I am presently residing in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. I left my country with
my father after the death of my mother during the war in our country and
we came here because my father owned a business here (cocoa business)
during the going political crisis here which has turn out into a civil war
since 2003, my father was attacked and killed here at the hit of the
crisis as the rebels were killing prominent foreigners with the reason
that they were financially supporting the government against them and the
rebels are accusing the government of doing the killing.

After the death of my father our house was set ablaze, I was unable to
meet my needs pay my bills and accommodation. I did not know anyone here.
Though, I was luck that my late father confided in me before his death the
sum of $5.5 million dollars which he deposited with a bank here in cote
d'ivoire, I have already visited the bank director as the next of kin to
my late father and confirmed the deposit. I will want you to help me see
that this fund is transfered out of this country because of the political
situation here.

My father confided so much in me after the death of my mother,we were
so close that he never did anything without my knowledge and opinion. All
that I want is your sincere and genuine help in helping me to see that
this fund is transfered to your account in your country were you will also
help me invest this fund in a very good business as soon its been
transfered to your account. I cannot allow the money remain here, why,
because of the coming presidential election here which possess a great
risk to as my life and future solely lies on it.

If you have heard from the news for the past few months now there has been
rising tension which I will like to leave here as soon as we have this
money transferred into your account.

Finally,i am going to give you 20% of the total money for your assistance.
Please I am confiding completely in you and I really need your assistance
at this point of my life as you alone knows of this venture.

Thank you I wait to hear from you.
From Eric and Mary

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