Saturday, January 3, 2009

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Health care gap

Jennifer Barlett sees the cracks everyday. As a supervisor for MedAssist, a third-party recovery company that contracts with Trident Health System, her job is to try to fill the gaps. She scours Medicaid, Medicare, charities and long-term payment plans to help uninsured people find ways to pay their medical bills.

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Disabled man finds home in Allendale shelter

R.W. Langford, the Charleston man who was living outside a homeless shelter and sleeping in his wheelchair, said Friday he has a new home at a men's shelter in Allendale. "I'm up here in the hinterlands," he said. "I only have a vague idea where Allendale is." The nearest pay phone is three blocks away, so he spoke on a cell phone that a resident loaned him.

Some teachers support overhaul

Slightly more than half of Charleston County teachers who responded to a survey think the school district's proposed options for restructuring and closing schools will strengthen schools, benefit students and serve as the best way to save money next year, according to results from a Charleston Teacher Alliance questionnaire. Still, some hostility toward and uncertainty about the district's proposed options can be seen in teachers' responses.

Lender foreclosing on Watson Hill

The hammer has dropped on Watson Hill, the proposed development near a historic plantation that sparked a public outcry. Just as a four-year annexation battle over the 6,600-acre parcel near Middleton Place seemed to be ending, the lender called in the loan, another apparent casualty of a faltering economy.

Home offers too low, residents say

Harley Thompson pictured himself and his wife moving to a clean, safe neighborhood, far from the stench and ash of Charleston County's trash incinerator. He imagined himself and his neighbors in the tiny Howard Heights neighborhood of North Charleston, finally able to quit worrying about the proposed expansion of the Port of Charleston, which will pump a tremendous amount of pollution over the Neck Area.

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