Friday, January 2, 2009

Subscription Cancelled - XE Currency Update Service

Dear Currency Update Service Subscriber:

As you requested, we have cancelled your subscription:

Name and e-mail address.... Francis PAC <>
Base currency for mailout.. USD
Subscription ID number..... CUSD3FA4958E1E7

NOTE: Unsubscriptions do not take effect until the next day,
so you may receive one more mailout.

---------------------- Subscribe again ----------------------

To re-subscribe, go to:

---------------- Interactive Currency Table -----------------

Live and historical currency tables:

----------------------- XE Datafeed ------------------------

For commercial purposes, take advantage of the industry's
most accurate rates - it's less then $1.50 a day!

- Easily access every world currency.
- Choose when your specific feed updates.
- Select your format: XML, CSV, or HTML

Learn more about the XE Datafeed:

------------------------ Contact Us -------------------------

To reach a member of our Currency Services Team, e-mail:

XE Currency Services <>

Thank you for using the Currency Update Service.

The XE Currency Update Service Robot
An automated member of the XE Currency Services Team Inc, 200-1145 Nicholson Rd, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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