Thursday, January 1, 2009

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January 1, 2009 | Morning Edition
Top Stories
U.S. Rejects "Unbalanced" Gaza Resolution
Arab Nations' Request For U.N. Resolution To Force Mideast Ceasefire Fails Immediately

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CBS Evening News
The Business Of Bartering
CBS Evening News: The Recession Has Forced Many Cash-Strapped Americans To Resurrect A Depression-Era Tradition

 CBS Evening News: Retailers Face Bleak 2009
 Early Show: Does Facebook Know Breast?
 Early Show: Money Moves To Make, And Avoid, In 2009

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Obama Pledges Schools Upgrade In Stimulus
Educators Say President-Elect's School Modernization Plan Could Help Student Achievement

 Pickle, Peach, Carp Drops Mark New Year
 The Business Of Bartering
 The Shame Of Shopping For Luxury

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What's In Store At CES 2009
There Won't Be Many Surprises, But Look For Improved HDTVs And Emerging Technologies Like Wireless Standards

 Calif. Sues Bush Over Endangered Species
 NASA Details Columbia Crew's Grisly Deaths
 Your Home TV... On Your Blackberry

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Movies In '09: A Big Year For Sequels
"Harry Potter," "Star Trek," "Night at the Museum 2," "X-Men," & "Terminator 4" On Tap, 3-D Animation Revived

 Dane Cook: Embezzlement Isn't Funny
 Oprah's Best Christmas Gift Ever
 Many May Be Left Wanting For Their MTV

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Burris Defiant On Senate Seat (1:46)

The Bartering Business (2:06)

Gaza Death Toll Rises (1:45)

09' Retail Forecast Bleak (1:57)

Caught On Tape In '08 (1:48)

2008's Notable Animals (1:50)
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Photos Of The Day

World Welcomes 2009

Crystal Ball For 2009

Celebrity Mug Shots

Israel Targets Hamas

Latest Blog Posts  » More Blogs
Alberto Gonzales Says He's A Casualty Of The War On Terror
Former Attorney General Speaks To The Wall Street Journal Read More
Resolving my Resolutions
A New Take On The New Year's Ritual Read More
U.K. To Adopt Guantanamo Detainees?
For Obama To Close Prison Camp He Needs To Get Rid Of Prisoners; Brits May Help Him Out Read More
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1. Santa Slayer Planned More Murders
2. Just Call Sarah Palin "Grandma"
3. Battle Lines Drawn Over Blago Nominee
4. 250 Small Quakes Rattle Yellowstone
5. NASA Details Columbia Crew's Grisly Deaths
1. A Meal To Die For (5:11)
2. 60 Minutes, 12.28.08 (43:16)
3. Apparent Suicide At Sea (4:40)
4. The Mortgage Meltdown (12:29)
5. Evening News Online, 12.30.08 (21:10)
1. Knots
2. Celebrity Circuit
3. Celebrity Circuit
4. Kennedy Center Honors
5. Photos Of The Day

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