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A look at the most fascinating lives in 2008...those stories tonight on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric



” We must be careful to build our life around our visions, rather than building our visions out of our history.”

No one can drown in the Dead Sea. It is 25 percent salt, which makes the water very heavy.

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Here’s an early look at what we are working on for tonight’s broadcast of The CBS Evening News from Early Show Anchor Maggie Rodriquez, in for Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Maggie Rodriguez filling in for Katie.

There’s quite a showdown developing over Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat. Embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich defied Senate leaders today and appointed former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to the seat. Blagojevich said the law requires him to make the appointment, but Senate Democrats say they won’t let Burris serve. Cynthia Bowers reports on the dramatic announcement in Chicago.

So what happens next? Senior Political Correspondent Jeff Greenfield shares his analysis.

Turning to the Middle East, new reports indicate Israel is considering a 48-hour ceasefire in Gaza under the condition that Hamas stops launching its missiles into Israel. But as Mark Phillips reports, there’s a very real possibility that Israel will send in ground troops as part of a full-scale invasion.

Back in the U.S., home prices fell in October by a record 18 percent compared to the previous year. As Kelly Wallace reports, the decline was steepest in the Sun Belt but was felt heavily nationwide.

Finally tonight, as 2008 winds down, we'll take a look back at some of the most fascinating lives that drew to a close over the past year.

I hope you'll join us tonight, Maggie

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Blagojevich Appoints Obama's Successor
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Israel Considers Halt To Gaza Bombing
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And here's an early look at one of the stories we are working on for Wednesday’s broadcast: In this tough economy...some people are finding something to swap to keep their businesses afloat. Could old-fashioned bartering work for you? That story and more, Wednesday night, only on the THE CBS EVENING NEWS.

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Join Dave tonight with Actress Meryl Streep and comedian Jeff Altman!


Maggie Rodriguez, Jeff Glor and Priya David will anchor THE EARLY SHOW from New York. Jackie Johnson will bring us the weather.

Along with the top stories, we are currently working on the following segments:

KOEPPEN PORTION CONTROL- You can eat all the cookies, candy and junk food you want but it's all a matter of portion control according to nutritionist James Painter. He did a documentary called “Portion Size Me” where he put two of his students on a thirty day fast food diet and found that it was more about portion size than about what you eat. Susan Koeppen takes his theory out for a test by inviting two groups of people in for an all you can eat sundae-bar. The only difference was the size of the spoons, bowls, and scoops each group got. Both said they were full but the group with the larger bowls went back repeatedly while the group with the smaller bowls and spoons took longer to eat and did not take as much. We’ll show you New Year’s Eve morning that it's not what you eat, but how much.

AT THE MOVIES 2009- A look at the most anticipated films of 2009… From Harry Potter to Star Trek", to The Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers Concert movie, and the movie based on the widely popular book, "He's Just Not That into You." Wednesday we’ll give you a sneak peak on the movies to watch out for in ’09.

WHAT’S IN AND WHAT’S OUT- Katrina Szish, Style Expert, will be live in studio Wednesday, to discuss a few trends that were hot in '08---but wont be in '09 (ex. leggings) and will show you some of the celebrities that sported these looks. Katrina will also reveal her picks for the new hot looks that will be the "must-haves" in '09.

THE YEAR IN TECH- Natali del Conte and Daniel Sieberg on the hottest tech toys of 2008 such as the Apple iPhone 3g, the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch and the ubiquitously popular XBOX Guitar Hero World Tour Interactive Game.

MAKE-UP LOOKS FOR EVERYWOMAN- Celebrity Makeup Artist Cynde Watson will be showing us 4 key looks to put your best Holiday Face Forward. We’ll show you some easy tips to help you look fresh and bright for the New Year.

NEW YEARS DAY BRUNCH- Ok, so New Years Eve is behind you, the champagne has been consumed, and 2009 has been toasted. Is the fun over? Not a chance. New Years Day is a great time to cook up a serious brunch. And Mike Price, Executive chef at Market Table is here to show us some delicious dishes you can enjoy, the first morning of 2009.

If you would like more information on any of these stories or the broadcast, please click on the following address and e-mail us: earlyshow@cbs.com

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