Friday, January 2, 2009

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Big guns back - Hunley museum might get to keep cannon from CSS Alabama

Most people wouldn't worry much about damaging a couple of three-ton, cast-iron Civil War cannons. But then, most people don't spend years meticulously nursing the lost artifacts of the Lost Cause back to pristine condition.

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Census Bureau to hire about 300 area residents

Good news for job seekers in a tight economy: The Census Bureau is recruiting workers. The bureau's Charleston office plans to hire about 300 Charleston-area residents in February to gear up for the 2010 census. Pay starts at $14 an hour, and you can work out of your house either part time...

In most political spats, truth's in middle

Most of the time when the governor gets into a spat with the Legislature or some state agency, the only casualties are a few egos and some trees â€" the ones sacrificed so newspapers around the state can print these epic Road Runner vs. Coyote battles.

Boas, bikinis, and blue lips

At English Bay in Canada, maybe the birthplace of the Polar Bear Plunge, the air on New Year's Day was freezing and sleeting, and the water was nearly ice. At Sullivan's Island, it only felt like it.

Students desperate as loans dry up, parents lose jobs

Don Griggs says it's important to be upbeat at the college financial aid office during economically trying times. Griggs, director of financial aid at the College of Charleston, also encourages his staff of 11 counselors â€" who are doing the work of 13 â€" to "find outlets for personal renewal" so they can remain upbeat.

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