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Bartering...a new way to save big bucks in this tight economy. That story tonight on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric



" It isn't what they say about you, it's what they whisper." - Errol Flynn "

Andrew Jackson, 7th U.S. president, dueled with Charles Dickinson after he insulted Jackson's marriage. Jackson let his opponent fire first, giving himself time to take aim. Jackson took a bullet in the chest and, without flinching, calmly killed his man.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ALL OF US AT CBS NEWS!!!!! We won’t be e-mailing the Inside Scoop Newsletter out tomorrow so; we’ve provided you with a few sneak previews of what you can expect for Friday’s broadcasts. We’ll be back on Friday with a full look at what’s in store for the weekend and the week ahead. Travel safe and enjoy the evening.


Here's an early look at what we are working on for tonight's broadcast of The CBS Evening News from Early Show Anchor Maggie Rodriguez, in for Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Maggie Rodriguez filling in for Katie.

The Holiday shopping numbers are in, and they're not pretty for retailers. The number of shoppers declined 4.9 percent for Christmas week compared to last year, and traffic is down 16 percent for the season. Michelle Miller reports that more stores are expected to close in 2009 though others are striving to turn a profit.

The battle lines are drawn in the Senate over embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's appointment of Roland Burris to the seat being vacated by President-elect Obama. Wyatt Andrews reports on the unanswered questions-including what happens next Tuesday when Burris arrives at the Capitol to be sworn in-and how race factors into this equation.

Turning to the continuing conflict in the Middle East, Israel sent more troops and armor to the Gaza border, raising the prospects of a potential ground invasion. Mark Phillips has the latest from the frontline.

Back home, more Americans are responding to the dismal economy by resurrecting an old practice. Mark Strassman has a look at the business of bartering.

Finally tonight, we'll take a look back at 2008-a year of great hope and expectations but one that also saw apprehension and fear as financial markets crumbled.

I hope you'll join us and have a terrific New Year. Maggie

For more on two of the stories noted above, please click on the following links:

Race Card Dealt Into Blagojevich Scandal
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Israel Flexes Muscle On Gaza Border
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Here's an early look at a couple of the stories we are working on for Thursday and Friday's broadcasts of The CBS Evening News: A new year....a new President. How will Barack Obama deal with the economy....the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan....and the other tough challenges ahead? That story and more, Thursday night on The CBS Evening News. And on Friday...Steve Hartman brings us a heart-warming story about a truly odd couple. How did a gigantic elephant and a scrappy dog become best friends? You won't want to miss, Assignment America, Friday night on The CBS Evening News.

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Joining Dave tonight is Actress Emma Thompson… Plus musical guests Purple Reign! And tomorrow night (Thursday), enjoy Actor Adam Sandler and the always fun toy demos.


Julie Chen, Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith, Russ Mitchell and Dave Price will anchor the EARLY SHOW from New York. Michelle Gielan will report the news and bring you the latest weather.

Along with the top news of the day, we will also have the following stories:

HARRY’S RARE VISIT TO AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER - In November Harry had the rare chance to visit a US Navy Aircraft Carrier at War in the Arabian Sea. A 14 hour commercial flight from New York and than a short two hour Navy flight and he was on deck for what turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

Imagine ordering groceries for 4400 sailors, then ordering enough for weeks - even months - at a time. That’s just one of the difficult, not really talked about, tasks the staff on the Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier has to deal with regularly. Harry spent a couple days aboard the massive ship, and he will give you a “bird’s eye glimpse” of what a day in the life of a sailor is like on the USS Roosevelt.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN FIRSTS This year many Americans witnessed something they never thought they would experience in their life times - an African American elected to be president of the United States of America. But there were countless other "firsts" before that paved the way for Obama. Harry Smith looks at some of the most important African American Firsts - and reflects after an interview with Maya Angelou on the impact of our first African American president.

SWIMMING WITH SHARKS - We’ll look back at shark week with a real life encounter with a great white. Early Show correspondent and resident veterinarian, Dr. Debbye Turner went into the Atlantic Ocean to swim with sharks…and she survived! She’ll show the amazing video of the adventure into the deep seas.

INDOOR SKYDIVING - Would you let your child skydive? You are probably thinking…”Not on your life…” But what if it was indoors and virtual? Dave Price introduces you to two kids from Denver who have taken up the sport and, thanks to some very cool technology, have become g extremely good at it. You have to see it to believe it...and Dave will show you how it’s done.

BEIJING SNACK STREET - For two weeks this August, Beijing was overrun with athletes, tourists, and journalists from all around the world, as the city hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics. Our own Jeff Glor ventured out to the streets of Beijing for a taste of the more unusual elements of Chinese cuisine. As you’ll see from his report, he may have gotten more than what he bargained for...

THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS -Since it was immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the “little black dress has always been a fashion staple. The little black dress of sexy simplicity, vogue version or vintage will simply never go out of style. You’ll see why when you go on a tour, of the top design houses in Paris, France, with Julie Chen.

COSMECUTICALS IN GREECE - In Ancient Greece traditional remedies based on indigenous plants were passed down through the generations. Many still are and the House of Korres in Athens is now using many of these forgotten remedies in their natural products. Russ Mitchell visited there recently and will show you some of their secrets and how you can do them at home.

SAVING THE LEOPARDS On a recent visit to South Africa, Dave Price met a man who is single handedly saving the magnificent and elusive leopard. You’ll see how his efforts are beginning to save this dwindling population. It’s a story you won’t want to miss.

THE DUBAI YOU’LL WANT TO VISIT Maggie Rodriguez recently spent some time in Dubai and will show you some of the fun things you can do if you ever decide to hop on a plane and visit-not only did she ride a camel, she also learned to fly down the dunes on a “sand” board. After watching this report, you’ll definitely want to consider making Dubai a stop in your future travel plans.

Here’s an early preview of some of the stories we are working on for Friday’s broadcast of The Early Show:

HEALTH- WATCH NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS- We start off fresh each year with promises to ourselves, but how are we going to stick to our New Year's Resolutions? Research shows that up to 45% of Americans make one or more resolutions each year, but six months later, less than half are still acting on them. Psychologist Jeff Gardere will give you tips Friday to help you stick to your resolutions this year.

RECYCLING RESCUERS- Rescuers on Tuesday (12/30) pulled a 3-year-old boy lost for more than seven hours at a two-acre Phoenix recycling plant. The boy, identified only as Dominic, was found uninjured after dozens of police and firefighters joined in the search. Rescuers said they had to sift through thousands of pounds of recycled paper stacked 25 to 30 feet high. We’ll talk to a TBD guest from the Phoenix Police Department about this amazing tale of survival and rescue.

CUBE MAKEOVER- CNET's Natali Del Conte travels to the Bronx to technologically transform one woman's workspace. The woman, whose name is Illectra works for a neighborhood resource center and helps tenants facing eviction in Housing Court. Natali”s transformation brings this hard working woman a new lease on her eight hour work day. You’ll want to see what a difference a few changes in your work space can make.

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