Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hack WordPress

Hack WordPress

WordPress Hacks Year in Review: 2008

Posted: 31 Dec 2008 12:00 AM PST

As 2008 closes out and we welcome 2009, I figured what better way to close out the year than with a quick ”year in review” post featuring our best work during 2008. 

I’ve always felt reviewing was a good process as it allows us to both learn from our mistakes and appreciate the progress we’ve made through the past year.   This is a good way to stay motivated and loving what we do each day!

Here are the top WordPress Hacks posts, according to our internal analytics (based upon traffic/popularity):

  1. How to Add an Author Page to Your WordPress Blog (January 2008)
  2. How to Add Biography Info to Your WordPress Blog Posts (February 2008)
  3. How to Tell WordPress to Function Like a CMS (March 2008)
  4. How to Use WordPress as a Static Site (April 2008)
  5. Best Free WordPress Themes Gallery (May 2008)
  6. CSS Techniques: Using Sliding Doors with WordPress Navigation (June 2008)
  7. Huge Compliation of WordPress Hacks (July 2008)
  8. How to Add a Store to Your WordPress Blog (August 2008)
  9. How to Create an AJAX-based Auto-Completing Search Field for Your WordPress Theme (September 2008)
  10. How to Move WordPress Blog to a New Domain (October 2008)
  11. WordPress Review Site: Premium Theme and Plugin (November 2008)
  12. Free and Premium WordPress Themes Gallery (December 2008)

I’d also like to take a moment to thank those that helped contribute to the growth of WordPress Hacks in 2008.  Your guest posts, inbound links, and comments help make the site the WordPress resource it has become today. 

Happy New Year!

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