Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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December 31, 2008 | Morning Edition
Top Stories
Israel Rejects 48-Hour Gaza Cease-Fire
Intense Aerial Assault On Hamas In Palestinian Territory Continues Into 5th Day, But No Ground Movements, Yet

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Tainted Milk Execs. On Trial In China
Formula Contaminated WIth Melamine Killed At Least Six Children, Sickened 300,000; Compensation Given To Victims

 American Academic Interrogated In Iran
 Body Of 8th Man Found In Canada Avalanche
 Israel Mulls 48-Hour Halt To Gaza Strikes

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GOP Leaders Oppose Haste On Stimulus
Washington Post: Congressional Republicans Seek Extensive Vetting of Proposal, Which Could Push Its Passage Back To February

 Obama's Health Care Team Pumps Message
 Bush Never Recovered From Katrina
 Riding The Obama Wave In Hawaii

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Virginity Pledges Don't Stop Teen Sex
But Those Who Make Pledges Are Less Likely To Use Condoms Or Other Birth Control When They Do Have Sex

 Egg Donation: Most Donors Satisfied
 Obama's Health Care Team Pumps Message
 China's Tainted Milk Trial Opens

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Madoff's Long List Of Losers (2:03)

Castro's Cuba Turns 50 (4:19)

Israel Cease-Fire? (2:04)

Blagojevich's Stunning Move (2:06)

GMAC's $5 Billion Bailout (1:35)

Housing Market Sinking (1:55)
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Israel Targets Hamas

Celebrity Circuit


Week in Sports: Dec. 26-Jan. 1

Gaza Air Assault
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Burris' Lonely Position
Before His Expected Appointment, IL Attorney General Faces Criticism From Political Groups Read More
No Take Backs
Making The Best Out Of The Worst Gifts Read More
Iranian Gaza Protesters Storm U.K. Embassy
Students' Group Claims 300 Demonstrators Got Past Police To Occupy Part Of Compound Read More
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2. Just Call Sarah Palin "Grandma"
3. 250 Small Quakes Rattle Yellowstone
4. Battle Lines Drawn Over Blago Nominee
5. Bush Never Recovered From Katrina
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5. The Mortgage Meltdown (12:29)

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