Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
The Page--- The Latest Updates$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time22-22

*Shinseki, Vilsack Hearings Underway$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time23-22

The veterans affairs-designate and agriculture secretary-designate go before their respective Senate committees Wednesday morning.
AP: "The farm-friendly panel has had few qualms with Vilsack, who served eight years as chief executive of a state that is a leading U.S. crop producer." <img alt="" border="0" src="$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time24-22" />

*Bin Laden Urges Jihad Over Israeli Attacks$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time25-22

In a new, 22-minute audiotape, the al-Qaeda leader calls for jihad over the Gaza offensive and condemns Arab governments as Israeli allies.
"The duty is to urge people to jihad and to enlist the youth into jihad brigades."
White House: Tape demonstrates his isolation.
<img alt="" border="0" src="$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time26-22" />

*GOP Senators Blocking Quick Geithner Hearing$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time27-22

Sens. Bunning, Kyl are working to keep Democrats from proceeding with the treasury secretary-designate's confirmation hearing Friday.
If the GOP refuses to drop its objection, it's likely Geithner won't be confirmed until after Obama is sworn in Tuesday.
And/But: Politico's take is that "a full-court press by Obama's team is likely to keep ethical questions from sinking [...]<img alt="" border="0" src="$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time28-22" />

*Another Grim Retail Report$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time29-22

Commerce Department: Retail sales plunge 2.7% in December, more than twice what analysts expected.
Record sixth straight month of retail declines. <img alt="" border="0" src="$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time30-22" />

*Obama, Biden Head to Supreme Court Wednesday$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time31-22

The president- and VP-elects will pay a pre-inaugural visit to the Supreme Court Wednesday afternoon.
They'll be visiting at the invitation of Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
It will mark the third time in recent history that a president- and VP-elect have visited the court. Details here. <img alt="" border="0" src="$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time32-22" />

*Walks Like A Duck, Talks Like A Duck...Ain't A Duck$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time34-22

Thomas Frank, a man of many bellows, bellows yet again in the Wall Street Journal today, repeating his usual trope that anything associated with the Clinton presidency is toxic and that by associating himself with Clintonites, Barack Obama is in danger of becoming toxic, too. As usual, Frank---who wrote a whole book about the triumph [...]<img alt="" border="0" src="$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time35-22" />
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time36-22

1.Obama Urges Congress Not to Block the Bailout$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time37-22

2.Is Israel Losing the Media War in Gaza?$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time38-22

3.A Blip in Hillary Clinton's Senate Lovefest: Bill's Donations$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time39-22


Prostitution should be legal.$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time41-22

Candidate and Issue Guide$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time42-22


U.S. Economy$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time44-22


Wall Street$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time46-22

In This Week's Issue$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time47-22

Table of Contents

*Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time48-22

*Great Movie Performances$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time49-22

*The Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time50-22

*The Compelling Case For Big Government$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time51-22

*E-Waste Not$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time52-22

*What's Cooking? Bacon, For Dessert$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time53-22

*Can Apple Survive Without Jobs?$TBW3XgQB7SaZ$$zuyzVDk/time54-22

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