Monday, January 5, 2009

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Hi everyone. I hope you had very happy holidays.


President-elect Barack Obama kicked off an ambitious push for an economic stimulus package today with face-to-face meetings with congressional leaders. The proposal is expected to include a large tax cut of up to $300 billion – including $500 tax cuts for most American workers. One day before the 111th Congress convenes, Chip Reid breaks down what Mr. Obama proposes to cope with what he calls an "extraordinary economic challenge."


There are lots of other political stories to talk about. Bob Schieffer has the latest on New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson withdrawing as Barack Obama's commerce secretary nominee while an ethics investigation continues in his home state. Also, will former Illinois attorney general Roland Burris be seated in the Senate tomorrow? And what's going on with that disputed Minnesota Senate race? Wyatt Andrews has those stories.


Turning abroad: Furious fighting rages on in Gaza. Today, Israeli troops reached heavily populated areas and took control of some Hamas rocket-launching sites. Nonetheless, Hamas continues to fire rockets on Israel. Mark Phillips has the very latest on that, while Richard Roth reports on the humanitarian crisis that’s developing in Gaza – as hospitals are stretched to the breaking point while caring for wounded civilians.


In medicine, Dr. Jon LaPook asks: Are some breast cancer procedures unnecessary? His in-depth report examines whether doctors are putting profits before patients. You won't want to miss what he found.


And finally tonight: The remarkable Tuskegee Airmen – the American military's first black pilots who flew during WWII – are invited to join another historic first, Barack Obama's inauguration as president.


See you tonight,


Katie Couric


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