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Communication is Key!
This conjunction may be the only major aspect for the week, but when Jupiter amplifies communicative Mercury, you'll have plenty to say and so will everybody else! Because Mercury is still retrograde, this marks a week where the dialog gets louder about what everybody is already thinking and talking about. Some of the discussion will feel exciting; for some of it you may want to get earplugs! Whether you join the conversations or not, one thing is for sure -- you won't be able to ignore them!

For more in-depth info on what these transits mean and how they'll affect your week, read up on The Stars This Week.

Too many choices making your head spin? Call for your free psychic reading and focus your energy.

The Medium is the Message
With all the chit-chatting going on this week, speak your mind with confidence by knowing who you are to the core with a free sample Numerology Portrait. Navigate any challenging personal conversations that may come your way with a free sample Relationship Roadmap reading. Then, clear your mind -- and your soul -- with the healing wisdom of a free sample Maya-Aztec reading.

Maximize This Week's Energy

  • Since Mercury is all about mental energy, strengthen your knowledge of the galaxy with our How Much Do You Know About the Planets? quiz!
  • Sometimes too much conversation can pull you off course. Explore your road ahead in our Destiny section.
  • By the end of the week, you're sure to be all talked out, so put on your favorite pajamas and chill out with Chick Flicks by the Signs!

  • Coming next week: A new day, a new way.

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